Eco Hacker Farm Monthly Meetings

As the community starts to grow and more people become interested in this project we will be holding monthly meetings to discuss ongoing work, research projects, events, collaborations and prioritization of work.

We will meet the 2nd Thursday of every month @8.30pm (CET) on Mumble.

An agenda will be prepared and meeting notes made for each meeting and will able accessible on the wiki for reference.

Dates for 2020:

  • 13th March
  • 10th April
  • 15th May
  • 12th June
  • 10th July
  • 14th August
  • 11th September
  • 9th October
  • 13th November
  • 11th December

Dates for 2019:

Dates for 2018:

Dates for 2017:

If you want to contact us in between send us an email and we can make a separate meeting.

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