1. Construction of the pavillion Franz: looked at the angel joints in the shop, the bigger holes are big enough for the screws so it is still possible to do the construction with these still to do: buy the wood (not at the shop because it is 5eur per meter) and angle joints (70 for 1.50eur in the hardware store) Aimee: we still need an approx wood cost before we can decide Franz has to call the guy for info: 48m x 2,08eur = c. 100eur round about 200eur for the whole construction Franz: happy to spend the money on this, not from selling bitcoin Aimee: why not use the money that we have already to finance this Franz: not happy with selling the bitcoin donation, thinks the bitcoin increases in price Aimee: I think it is speculation we need money now etc etc disagreements about speculation holding or selling the money Aimee: not happy with taking approving a loan when we have money Franz: ok he agrees to buy bitcoin so the project has money to buy the wood Aimee: agreed… upon receipt bitcoins can be transferred to Franz Aimee: currently 200 eur = 0.0192 xbt so there is enough bitcoins at the moment for this current balance 0.05891208 BTC

2. camp preparation

a. need to book 2 more session - 1 presentation for EHF what it is and focus on powerplant
                                 2 powerplant intro session & informal q & a
b. camp preparation meeting - talk about construction, equipment, materials etc
c. discussion about who prepares and makes the presentations

A. Aimee will do B. We agree to do it tomorrow so Ben can also be involved in the discussion since he is also coming to camp C. Aimee to prepare and deliver presentations, Franz to be there for Q & A

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