Sustainable living using appropriate technology and permaculture principles.

To set up community projects that combine hackerspaces with permaculture farms to provide sustainable living spaces for people to experience a way of life that is not necessarily dependent on the system using appropriate, open and low cost technological solutions.

  • self sustainable community and living environment
  • ecological farming using permaculture principles
  • reuse & recycle
  • conserving resources like water, soil, …
  • avoiding use of chemicals/pesticides
  • preserve & rehabilitate nature
  • repopulation of flora & fauna
  • use of natural products (hygiene)
  • living off the grid when possible
  • development of opensource solutions focused on needs of permaculture farming
  • automation of recurring tasks to save resources
  • intelligent resource management
  • create low cost opensource solutions for permaculture farming
  • raising awareness about poverty and how to alleviate it
  • create and maintain a fair share environment
  • encouraging collaboration
  • collaboration with other similar projects/communities
  • involving the local community
  • encourage social gatherings & festivals
  • using & promoting local resources and local networking infrastructure
  • respecting all members of the community
  • providing an anti-discriminatory space
  • community members can be both offline (local) and/or online
  • workshops & skill sharing
  • internships & volunteering programmes
  • documentation of the project
  • opensource development & promotion
  • providing a space for art and culture
  • promotion and support for local art and cultural events
  • implementing a democratic or consensual way of making decisions such as
    • setting priorities
    • use of monetary resources
  • promote and enhance the democratic process

This does not mean every project has to fulfill these ideals but it should evolve around them.

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