powerplant is an open source software that allows anyone planning a garden to utilize companion planting and other permaculture practices. It provides intelligent suggestions to help the gardener by advising the best planting schedules and combinations of crops to maximize the garden's yield.

At the moment this software is still in development.

Take the app for a spin: powerplant

Github: powerplant

Issue Tracking: organizational: work.ecohackerfarm.org| software issues: Github

Specification: Software Specification for powerplant

Rapid Prototype: https://marvelapp.com/94c4bh4

Similar Software: Software for companion planning or garden planners

Development Log: Development Log

WorkFlow, Datastructure Diagram, Data Flow Diagram: draw.io

Log of Correspondence with other Projects: Log of Collaboration with other Projects regarding powerplant

Architecture Decision Records: Architecture Decision Records

Mailing list: Send an email to subscribe

join the conversation on IRC via freenode #powerplant

Component Interaction: Google Docs

Related Projects:

We are also looking for interested people who would be interested in working on this opensource solution please join our monthly meeting on the last Wednesdays at 21:00 CET on IRC on freenode.net channel #powerplant.

We are always looking for good ways to fund work on powerplant. Below we document ways in which we try to do that.

We are using powerplant to plan the gardens at Kuckucksmuehle.

powerplant relies on volunteers and funds received from the community to be able to maintain and develop the app further. You can make a donation by paypal or email us for alternative methods of payment.

If you are a developer, work on a ticket and do a pull request on github.

Thank you for your support!

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