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Before we go into detail of what we plant in the garden we must not ignore the multitude of edible plants which grow unassisted and without need of maintenance from us. You can read about these in detail here.

We ask all our friends, visitors and supporters from near and far to help us buy organic seeds for our garden.

Donate to our seed pool by paypal or in person when you come for a visit. You can also pledge an amount and donate the money on your next visit, send us an email with your pledge amount to

From the sale of seedlings from last year we have spent €25 on winter crops organic seeds.

Seed stocklist

In order to plan well we first have to know what seeds we have, this will help people who want to support us to know which seeds we need to source for the next planting season. We would like to make better use of the seeds we have and also the seeds we get through donations or seedexchanges.

Seed stock list for planning this season


On pp Name Quantity (g) expiry sow needs harvest open to #seedexchange
Y Beans 70 . Mid Apr . Jun- Aug Y
Broccoli 1 Mid-May GH Mid-Oct N
Brussel Sprouts 2 Apr GH Dec N
Y Cauliflower 2 May-Sep Nov N
Y Climb Beans 200 May - Jul Aug - Oct Y
N Black Root 5 . Apr . Oct N
Y Brussel spr 10 Apr-May Oct - Dec N
N Buckwheat 5 . Jun Sept . Aug- Nov N
Y Bushbeans 50 Mid Apr Jun- Aug N
Y Cabbage 4 . May - Jul . Oct Y
Y Fast Carrot 10 . May . 30days N
Y Carrots 8 May Aug - Sept N
N Celery Root 1 . Apr-Jul . Sept- Nov N
Y Chard 15 Apr -Aug Jul - Oct Y
Y Corn Bantam 5 Apr - May Sep - Oct N
Y Cucumber 36 01/21 Apr-May Jul-Aug Y
Y Garlic 1 Sept Apr N
N Kale 10 1/2021 Mar . Apr N
N Kohlrabi 3 1/2021 Mar-Jun Jul - Oct N
N L R lettuce 4 . Mar-Jun . . May Y
N Melon 14 . Mar Apr. . Oct - Nov Y
Y Onion 12 Mar-May Aug Y
Y Parsnips 16 9/2014 Mar Sept-Oct Y
y Peas 280 Apr- May Jun to Aug Y
N Bell Peppers 15 Feb-Mar Aug - Oct Y
Y Hokaido pk 5 May Sep N
Y Pumpkin . 200 May . . Sept . Y
Y Radish 35 . Apr-May . Jun - Jul Y
Y Shallots 3 12/2014 Mar - Apr N
Y Spaghetti pk 2 May Sep N
Y Spinach 55 Sep-May Feb Y
Y Sugarpeas 380 Apr-May Jun to Aug Y
Y Sweetcorn 15 Apr - May Sep - Oct N
N Tomato 1 12/2011 Mar-Apr . Aug N
N Cherry Tom 1 Mar Dec N
Winterkresse 1 Mar Sept N
Y White Radish 5 12/2014 Jun Sept N
Y Winter onion 10 Mar-May Aug N
Y Zucchini 122 06/2016 Apr From Jul Y

Herbs, Flowers & Fruit

On pp Name Quantity expiry sow needs harvest open to #seedexchange Notes
Y Apple . 10 June . . . Y Usually grown from clippings
Y Basil 1 01/2019 Feb GH June N
N Bellflower 6 12/2011 Mar-Jun . Jun-Sep N
Y Chamomile 5 Mar-May N
Y Chives Apr Jun N
Y Coriander 2 May Oct N
Y Dill 9 01/2018 Jun Dec Y
N Echinacea 3 May sun Sep Y
N Engelstrompeten 1 Feb GH 20deg Y
N AssortFlower 110 Mar - Jun Aug Y
N Lemon Balm 3 Apr Aug N
N Lovage 4 Mar . Oct Y
n Marigolds/Targetes 4 May - Jul Sep Y
Y Marjoram 1 09/2015 Mar - Apr All year N
N Milk Thistle 1 Mid Apr Aug N
Y Parsley 5 Mar - Jun Jul N
N Physalis 12 Mar Aug - Oct Y
N Plum . 35 June . Y Usually grown from clippings
N Rosehip 1 Spring - after frost Sept Y Usually grown from clippings not seeds
Y Roses Red 1 Feb GH April N
Y Roses Blue 1 Feb GH April N
N Snapdragon 1 Apr Sept N
N Tansy 150 Mar-May Y Toxic to Chickens
Y Thyme 3 01/2019 . Apr- Aug All year N
N Green manure mix 100 Spring Y

You can follow our planting schedule below:

Seeds to be planted indoors / greenhouse

Date planted Name of plant Quantity Notes / Updates
17/01/2019 Chili 0.5 tray
17/01/2019 Bell peppers 0.5 tray
18/01/2019 Spinach 1.5 tray too warm in the bathroom
18/01/2019 Artichoke 0.5 tray not many survived the transplanting
23/01/2019 Bell peppers 1 tray
23/01/2019 Lettuce 1 tray aborted - no sprouts seeds are too old
24/01/2019 Tomato 1 tray
07/02/2019 Lettuce 1 tray aborted - no sprouts seeds are too old
25/02/2019 Lettuce 1 tray
25/02/2019 Marjoram 10 small pots
25/02/2019 Tomato 1 small pot

Companion planting combinations

Using powerplant we found out the best companion planting combinations for this year:

Combinations Location for planting

The area is about 600m²

Bed no. Contains: History Bed status Plan Urine Fertilizer
1 Green Manure Feb'19 Full 13/03/19
2 Green Manure, Mangold (2018) Feb'19 Full 13/03/19
3 Kapuzinerkresse, 2018 Marigold, Snapdragon, Garlic, Bell flowers 13/03/19
4 Garlic, Basil, Chamomile, Mangold 2018 Broccoli, Carrot, Cabbage, Kohlrabi 13/03/19
5 Broccoli (2018), Green Manure, Onions Feb'19 Full 14/03/19
6 ready for planting cabbage, carrots, peas, radish 14/03/19
7 ready for planting cabbage, carrots, peas, radish 14/03/19
8 Strawberries, Borage 2017, 2018 Full Onions 14/03/19
9 Kale 2018 Prep needed Peas, kohlrabi, radish 14/03/19
10 Carrots 2018 Peas, onions, lettuce, kress 14/03/19
11 Strawberries 2017 Full Onions 15/03/19
12 Strawberries, mint 2017, 2018 ready for planting Onions 15/03/19
13 ready for planting Kale, Bok Choy 15/03/19
14 Strawberries 2017 Onions 15/03/19
15 ready for planting Marjoram, spinach, mangold 15/03/19
16 Mangold 2018 Prep needed Broccoli, carrots, cabbage, borage 13/03/19
17 Garlic (SS), Carrots, Mangold 2018 Prep needed Peas, lettuce, radish 13/03/19
18 Garlic (SS), Brussel sprouts, Mangold 2018 Peas, carrots, kohlrabi 13/03/19
19 Guter Heinrich Feb'19 Marked Radish, carrots, cabbage, borage 16/02/19
20 Brussel sprouts 2018 ready for planting Radish, celery 15/03/19
21 ready for planting Kohlrabi, Blackroot, fast carrots, brussel sprouts 15/03/19
22 ready for planting Beans, peas, garlic 15/03/19
23 Guter Heinrich Feb'19 ready for planting Radish, carrots, cabbage, borage 16/02/19
24 ready for planting Kale, pumpkin, french beans 15/03/19
25 Ready for planting Spinach, mangold, chilli 15/03/19
26 Kale, Kohlrabi 2018 Ready for planting Radish, peas 15/03/19
27 Kale 2018 Prep needed Brussel sprout, cabbage, cucumber, basil 16/02/19
28 Peas, kohlrabi, radish 15/03/19
29 Kale, Kohlrabi 2018 Prep needed Radish, peas 16/02/19
30 Flowers, Melissa, Borage 2018 Full 15/03/19
31 Rhubarb Self seeding Full
32 Wild mushrooms & flowers 2018 Full 15/03/19
33 Green Manure, Mangold (2018) Feb'19 Full
34 Non-edible flowers, Marigolds, Mangold 2018 Full
35 Cabbage, celery
36 Carrots, garlic, mangold 2018 Peas, lettuce, radish
37 Ready for planting Beans
38 Ready for planting Pumpkin
39 Ready for planting Cucumber, basil
41 Berry bushes Prep needed
42 Ready for planting Contains cat litter, Sunflowers, Corn, Beans
43 Jerusalem artichokes 2018 Full Exp
44 Green Manure Feb'19 Full
45 Guter Heinrich Feb'19 Marked Radish 16/02/19
46 Ready for planting Contains cat litter, Spinach, Climbing beans

Plant History / Plan Our notes
Mint Self seeding year to year
Lovage Self seeding year to year
Chives Self seeding year to year
Thyme Self seeding year to year
Shallots Self seeding year to year
Rose bush Self seeding year to year
Wild grapevine Self seeding year to year
Coriander Plant in May 2019
Dill Plant in June 2019
Marigolds Plant in May 2019
Basil Plant in June 2019
kapuzinerkresse Might self seed from last year
Tomatoes Plant in March 2019 Needs supporting rods to be tied on to later, they should be put in at transplanting stage!
Plants should be in the greenhouse/indoors until they are over 2 inches high at least.
Parsley Feb'19

If you are working on this and need to edit the map you can do so here. Please replace the jpeg of the map on this page if you update it.

Wall strip

Plant History / Plan

The area needs a wall rebuilt and fencing before planting can commence.

Square bed

Plant Location History / Plan
Garlic 1st row on the left and at the back 2017
Marigolds 1st row at the front 2018
Lemon Balm
Milk Thistle

Near shower area

Plant Location History / Plan
near cherry tree
near trailer
tomato shelter

Harvest Data Logging

The article would be incomplete if we didn't log how much harvest we make during our productive months. Below you can see the graph with a summary of this information.

<to do: insert data>

Record of previous years

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