Administration & Finance for Eco Hacker Farm

Abbreviations used in this page EHF for Eco Hacker Farm

We currently receive no financial support from governmental bodies, foundations, or other NGOs. Individuals who support our projects donate money to keep us going.

Members are able to provide loans to Eco Hacker Farm at times when these are needed, as a necessity and not on a whim. The aim of the project is ultimately to be self sufficient and therefore not need credit from its members.

A practical example of a situation where a loan is necessary is as follows:

  • We have pre-approved annual server fees that are paid for by member X (due to admin rights)
  • Member X provides EHF with proof of payment
  • Member X has 3 options:
    • inform EHF to treat the payment as a donation
    • inform EHF to treat the payment as a loan and get reimbursed after 1 week
    • inform EHF to treat the payment as a loan and let us know the reimbursement is not needed until a later date

It is important to note that members are only reimbursed when these are pre-approved by EHF. If you are interested you can read more about the terms for pre-approval of expenses and reimbursements / loan repayment.

Here we provide information as to how we manage this project from a financial perspective.


Data last updated: 20/12/2017

Source Amount
Donations 23.00 Euro
Bitcoin 0.05891208 BTC
Bitcoin Cash 0.05891208 BCH
Material donations in 2017

We had no material donations in 2017.

Rent, Heating & Telephone

We had no rental, heating and telephone costs in 2017.



Carried forward from last year

Outstanding liabilities Amount in Euro
Total outstanding liability 2016 -71.76

Loans for 2017

Source Amount in Euro
Loans from members -26.88
Loan repayments 0
Written off as donations 23.00
Total outstanding loan repayments -3.88
Type of cost Amount in Euro
Basic costs -26.88
Maintenance 0
Enhancement 0
Total -26.88

Basic Costs

We had server service (uberspace) and whois guard.

Maintenance Costs

We didn't have any maintenance costs in 2017.

Enhancement Costs

We didn't have any enhancement costs in 2017.

Year to last month balance

Amount in Euro
Total incoming 23.00
Total outgoing -26.88
Year to date balance -3.88
Bitcoin 0.05891208 BTC
Bitcoin Cash 0.05891208 BCH

This plan was discussed during this meeting. If you have questions or suggestions please email us in


Membership support & Donations

We would like to increase interest in Eco Hacker Farm and have a supporting community that is able to keep working on our shared ideals.

Other sources of income

We will try to obtain funding from online programms that support open source projects, particularly for powerplant.


We would like to increase our payment for the uberspace server services to 10 Eur a month for a total of 120 Eur a year. Uberspace provides the service at a pay as much as you want basis and we would like to support this.

This brings up our Basic Costs annual expenditure to not more than 165 Eur a year.

With the surplus funding we would like to support all Eco Hacker Farm projects as per the below:

Click on the image for more info.

click on the image for more info

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