Mailing list

Mailing List

Mailing list

Customers of:

Type of Product / Service Professional / Business name URL / contact
Organic seeds Keimzelle Öko-Saatgut aus Brandenburg website
demeter link
Bingenheimer Saatgut https://www.bingenheimersaatgut.de/
Veterinary Patricia Lehmann-Eschenhorn +49 3394433672

Connecting with regional projects

Name of the Project Connection status Notes
Casita Verde Granada Wish to connect Email sent 02/07/2022
Variedad Local Alpujarra Wish to connect

Network memberships

The list is in alphabetical order.

Type of Project Name of the project URL / contact
Hackerspace Abteilung-für-Redundanz-Abteilung (AfRA) afra-berlin.de
Co-living project Astralship astralship.org
Community Space Baumhaus baumhausberlin.de
Movement Deep Adaptation deepadaptatio.ning.com
Software Farmos farmos.org
Co-living project Kanthaus kanthaus.online
Software openfarm openfarm.cc
Membership Organic & Regional Shop RioLaden eV rioladen-wittstock.de

The list is in alphabetical order.

Type of Project Name of the project URL
Organic shop/ cooperative Kramer und Kutscher kramerundkutscher.de

The list is in alphabetical order.

Name of Project Type of project URL
Akademie Suffienz Co-living project - Germany akademie-suffizienz.de
Boodaville Permaculture Education Project Co-living project - Spain boodaville.wordpress.com
Coolmuehle eV Co-living project - Germany coolmuehle.org
Cyberhippietotalism Infrastructure project - Lanzarote totalism.org
ecobasa Networking site ecobasa.org
foodsharing Grassroots community foodsharing.de
Gregory Fung Psychosomatic coaching & touch for integrated sexualityintegrated pelvicheart.de
Hackerfarm Co-living project - Japan hackerfarm.jp
Open Source Diversity Online community opensourcediversity.org
ResetSociety Co-living project - Spain resetsociety.com
Solarpunk Berlin Group of people - Germany https://twitter.com/solarpunks_bln
Traumschule Co-living project - Germany Traumschule
tRaumstation im RAW Stoff & Gerätelager Culture project - Germany traumstation.net
Ukerdis: Ducks, Electronics and Everything in Between Small holding - Estonia Ukerdis
Ulrike & Niels Small ecoproject - Germany Zempow Work away
Wir bauen Zukunft Community space - Germany wirbauenzukunft.de

Here we make a list of projects that we would like to connect with. Do you know any projects that we should know of? Add them on this list. :)

The list is in alphabetical order.

Name of the project URL Comment
Eberswalde Hochschule hnee.de
EUPN - European Permaculture Network permaculture-network.eu
foodsaving worldwide foodsaving.world
Green Me Berlin greenmeberlin.com
Hacc https://hacc.uberpsace.de
Kitspace.org kitspace.org
Kreative Landwirtschaft kreative-landwirtschaft.de contact by Leo - for powerplant knowledge relating permaculture agroforest solution
Learning from the bees Berlin learningfromthebeesberlin.com
Libre Solar libre solar Martin
Mikrobiomik.org https://mikrobiomik.org soil test open hardware tools and similar
Miethaus Syndikat syndikat.org
Open Food Network openfoodnetwork.org
Open State openstate.cc
Open Source Hardware Association oshwa.org
Permaculture Women's Guild permaculturewomen.com
Pursuance project pursuanceproject.org
Right to repair repair.eu
Spektrum Berlin spektrumberlin.de
Stechlin Institute stechlin-institut.org
Sumoga Martin contact through Aimee by email
Tyddyn Teg tyddynteg.com
Event name nature of the event
Chaos Communication Camp an international meeting of hackers that takes place every four years, organized by the Chaos Computer Club (CCC).
Chaos Communication Congress an annual conference organized by the Chaos Computer Club. The congress features a variety of lectures and workshops on technical and political issues related to security, cryptography, privacy and online freedom of speech.
Emergent Berlin crowd-sourced and self organized annual gathering of a broad mix of people & projects in Berlin who are working to make the world a better by making the it a more sustainable place
FOSDEM a two-day event organised by volunteers to promote the widespread use of free and open source software
Maintainerati an unconference for open source software maintainers
MetaNook Night of Open Knowledge in Lübeck University
OpenTech Summit - Berlin a conference for the open technology community

Great! - We participate in a meeting for similar projects once every 2 months, to join in you can subscribe to housingprojects-subscribe[at]ecohackerfarm.org

Here we discuss common issues and opportunities to help each other overcome them.

Süddeutsche Zeitung - January 2018

Viaggare con Lentezza - July 2018

Metanook 2018 - November 2018

hastuzeit - December 2019

bild.de - December 2019

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