Conditions for a visit at Kuckucksmühle

Please take a moment to read our ideals.

We want to keep all guests welcome but we have to think about our resources and how we can afford to keep the project running as well.

Therefore we have some general guidelines:

If you stay for up to 2 nights it's:

  • free to stay
  • donations for food are appreciated

If you stay longer than 2 nights:

  • we kindly ask to contribute with 12€ per day
  • and if you don't bring your own food an additional 5€ per day

When we have an open volunteer spot. You can work 5h a day/25h a week for our project and we can finance your stay with that.

Of course visitors should participate actively and help out in household and when we need help.

  • 3-6 Volunteers are covered in our budget
    • The number depends on the season and agreements between active community members (low amount of money from active community members can mean X is small)
  • More than X Volunteers have to pay as Visitors
  • 1st time volunteers (covered by maintenance) should stay at least two weeks
  • Work 25h a week
  • This also applies to Specialists, Hackers and IT-People - on demand (eg. Carpenter, Stone mason etc.)

Would you like to volunteer?

  • Cover below costs:
    • Maintenance
    • Food
    • Improvements
  • If they work (unpaid/low pay) on Open Source Projects they only have to work 20h a week for the project (which can also include working open source for us)

There is also the possibility to arrange a mixture of both - if you don't want to work that much, you can work a bit and pay the other part.

Also you should be aware, that we don't tolerate:

  • Sexism
  • Nationalism
  • Racism
  • aggressive and violent behavior
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