freeCodeCamp - Alpujarra

do you want to learn how to code? want to work remotely as a programmer in the future?

as part of the Eco Hacker Farm project we combine technology with permaculture… passionate about opensource knowledge and also education for all…

beginners welcome also with no skills - a mix of learning at your own pace for free and if you want extra one to one support this is possible both online and in person (fee on a scale from 10€ to 25€ an hour to keep it affordable for everyone)

what to expect?

  1. a supportive learning experience
  2. you can set your own pace how fast or slow you want to go
  3. in person meetings and online to share projects & tips - optional but encouraged

you don't need any special equipment just a functioning laptop with ability to connect to the wifi and a browser, you can start from the basics or further if you already have some skills

all ages welcome!

There's a Facebook group you can join or you can send us an email

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