Eco Hacker Farm History

December 2015: out on the living room balcony at Veintidos (except at this point the house was a couchsurfing mecca and not really a project) Franz whose caravan had broken down and Aimee who was hosting him were going over what idealistic aspirations they had for a future that seemed somewhat abstract and rather unlikely at the time. With much in common and a lot of overlap, there was a lot of talking and not much action.

January 2016: paths kept crossing and ideas kept forming

February 2016: more talking and mulling over the possibility of starting a community project in southern Spain

18 February 2016: A spur of the moment decision after looking at property online the first email to arrange a viewing was sent to view a cortijo in Iznajar.

20 February 2016: 1st viewing of a potential location for the then still nameless Eco Hacker Farm

23 February 2016: After a lot of in depth discussions the Ideals on which Eco Hacker Farm would be based were formalised.

23 February 2016: The name Eco Hacker Farm was chosen.

27 February 2016: The Eco Hacker Farm facebook page was launched.

13 March 2016: Franz & Aimee visit Quinta Alvorada do Ouro in Portugal to see what that is like, how the place works and whether this would be enough to feed a community - ideas about size of land vs size of community start to form.

16 March 2016: The Eco Hacker Farm blog goes live! and this was the first post

24 April 2016: Aimee sets up the first event for Veintidos

30 April 2016: Aimee visits Kuckucksmuehle for the first time.

20 May 2016: Veintidos holds it's first event

30 May 2016: The Project Management System is up and running!

31 May 2016: The Project Management System normal task workflow was created.

3 August 2016: The Project Management System day to day task workflow was created.

9 August 2016: Eco Hacker Farm has it's first meeting to discuss the garden planner which is now known as powerplant

3 September 2016: Kuckucksmuehle holds it's first IT meeting

12 January 2017: Eco Hacker Farm has it's first Monthly Meeting

31 May 2017: work starts on the powerplant software specifications

14 December 2017: a financial policy on how to allocate donations received by EHF was put together

27 December 2017: EHF goes to 34c3

16 January 2018: powerplant MVP goes live

20 January 2018: application for google summer of code submitted - unfortunately we were not accepted

23 February 2018: 1st meeting for #foodisfree project

20 March 2018: 1st session of freeCodeCamp

16 June 2018: Launch and set definition of EHF Labs and EHF Labs Fünfseen as a 1st location

18 July 2018: 1st Young Coders Summer Camp at Kuckucksmuehle

October 2018: EHF goes to Emergent Berlin

9 November 2018: Eco Hacker Farm goes to MetaNook 2018 in Lübeck

27 December 2018: EHF goes to 35c31)

30 May 2019: EHF goes to Open Tech Summit 2019 - Berlin

17 to 24 July 2019: 2nd - Young Coders Summer Cam at Kuckucksmuehle

October 2019: EHF goes to Emergent Berlin

27 December 2019: EHF goes to 36c32)

14 June 2021: Finca Verde starts out it's journey.

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