Young Coders Summer Camp 2019

We invite young coders (age 10 to 14) to spend the week here learning how to code and how to live ecologically.

The program is shaped in collaboration with the attendants and includes animal care, meal preparation and various programming languages.

As we want to instill in our young coders - open source culture - we will encourage participants to record their experience, write good quality code and share it publicly on Gitlab and on this wiki.

You can check out the Automated Irrigation System page.

Based on last year's event our calculations for 7 days of coding camp come to €500 or €71.50 per coding camp day.

This covers coding workshops, day activities around the farm and evening social games and hangout activities.

A camp day starts at 9am and ends at 11pm (except on night walks we could be a little longer).

You can look at last year's programme here.

If you cannot afford these costs then please contact us to discuss other options.

Would you like to come to the camp next year? Perfect. Ping us an email.

There will be a shared room/s or shared tents depending on your preference.

  • Laptop
  • Cool tech stuff you want to share with other campers
  • A set of working clothes
  • Bathing stuff (in the warm weather we could go swimming in the lake or at the pool)
  • Sun cream
  • House shoes
  • Warm clothes for a night walk
  • Walking shoes
  • Pjs & toothbrush
  • Eco friendly shower gel / shampoo
  • Mosquito repellent spray
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Some pocket money for extra snacks

If you want to sleep in a shared tent you should also bring

  • Sleeping bag
  • Headlight / torch

Depending on demand the dates may be a little flexible, let us know what dates are good for you and then we can see what we can do.

Please contact us to discuss this. We try to find a compromise that covers our costs somehow.

You are an angel. Head over to our donations page, make sure you reference the donation accordingly so we can allocate the funds to this event.

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