Young Coders Summer Camp 2018

An experimental program this year we invited 3 young coders to spend the week here learning how to code and how to live ecologically.

The program includes animal care time, programming an automated chicken coop door and fun stuff with the Calliope micro controller.

On this page the participants can document their experience and link to what they linked.

Github - to be amended with link to the project

Post event thoughts by Aimee

3 bright young coders (aged 10 to 12) joined us over a period of 10 days, this was our first ever event of this type and I am very happy to report that it was a success. The young people had fun and so did I. If you would like to read more about the event you can click around this page where the kids and myself documented what topics and activities we covered together.

The whole experience left me socially exhausted but also satisfied and inspired by their energy for learning. Next camp should be limited to a week and have the participants complete a survey as to which activities / workshops / programming languages they would be interested in. Having said this it was good to introduce them to online resources and processes that they weren't aware of before.

The event brought in some Eur850, we spent some of this towards 2x calliope mini-controllers (Eur 70) that were used during the camp and the rest is reinvested into the project to lessen the big dent of our finances - covering food bills and other day to day expenses.

This event cost around 300 man hours and we got around @Eur4 per hour after expenses, it is certainly not a profit making endeavor but not everything is about money. Hopefully we engage the next generation into our Eco Hacker Farm culture.

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