IT Meetup 2019

#IT-Focused #Hacking

Anyone and everyone interested in IT or sustainable ecological living and wants to come with an open mind and urge to help, discuss, hack, chill and socialize is welcome to join us. We hold this event regularly, at least once a month.

We use framadate to find out how many people can attend the meetings. The framadate links expire in time so for past events the links won't work.


Date Goal Book here Related event/s
18 to 20 January Home automation - chicken coop door framadate link
1 to 3 February Home automation
1 to 3 March Home automation
5 to 7 April Home automation
3 to 5 May
7 to 9 June
5 to 7 July
2 to 9 August
20 to 22 September
4 to 6 October
1 to 3 November
6 to 8 December

We are not financed by the government or any other associations… Donations are welcome and encouraged.

Please get in contact with us beforehand so we can easily plan when people need to get from the train station, a room or additional food/drinks/stuff.

If you can, bring a sleeping bag. In winter we only have space in shared rooms.

Here you will find specific instructions on how to get here.

If you want to come please book your place.

We don't have enough Laptops/Computers for everybody: Bring your own Device!

We always need hardware for the projects. You are invited to bring what ever you think can be useful. E.g Cat Cables, Mini USB Cables, SD-Cards, raspberries, 220V to usb converters, multiple socket outlets, arduinos, flying cameras, motors, sensors etc. Network cables would be great too!

Check out our need and want list.

If you cannot make it to this event but would like to keep informed about future events you can subscribe to our mailing list or visit us on any of these social media websites.

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