Eco Hacker Farm - Membership

Decisions for the membership definition were taken at this meeting. Further meetings are required to complete the definition.

Seeders are happy to support the project financially with donations but have little or no time to get involved - they can choose to receive news through our mailing list, donations can be a one off of recurring.

  • One off / Recurring donation - minimum suggested amount of Eur 15 a year
  • our gratitude - your continued support is what keeps us going
  • flexible involvement in the projects - dip in and out when you can

Growers dedicate some of their time and money to the project. Are happy to receive news, use the PMS to work on tasks, attend monthly meetings and respond to call to action if a vote from the members is needed, EHF can waive the membership fee if someone is happy to dedicate their time but has no money to pay the fee.

  • Time (c. 8 hours per month)
  • Membership fee - minimum suggested amount of Eur 15 a year
  • Can use the PMS, wiki, mumble…
  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Participate in decision making
  • Pays the membership fee 1)
  • Volunteer c. 8 hours per month in Eco hacker farm projects and / or software projects
  • our gratitude - your continued support is what keeps us going
  • be the first to know about community news, software releases, events etc.
  • be able to influence and participate in community decisions and discussions
  • learn new skills from other members of the community through our projects
  • visit local projects 2) as a friend with possibility for the costs or part of the costs to the community to be offset by Eco Hacker Farm 3)

Membership definitions as outlined above can be changed further to discussion so please do let us know if you have any issues.

  1. Send your membership fee through opencollective or if you prefer other methods of payment email us
  2. Send an email to to let us know your method of payment and whether you want to be a Grower or a Seeder.
  3. If you haven't worked with us before you will get a full introduction into what projects we have going on so you can join in straight away.

If you are under 18 you are welcome to be a member if you have parental consent.

membership fees may be waived if contributing time but has no money
local projects visit are subject to visiting conditions
subject to funding availability, approval and volunteering hours to Eco Hacker Farm during your stay of 25 hours per week or equivalent
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