Finca Verde

  • Location: Lanjaron, Spain
  • Status: Open for volunteers, other visitors welcome by appointment
  • Permanent resident capacity: 3
  • Volunteer resident capacity: flexible - from May 2022
  • Current population:
    • 3 human residents
    • 2 dogs,
    • 1 horse,
    • 1 daily farmer visitor

Since the project is not open to the public at present we have chosen not to disclose its specific location.

The Finca is around 7km from Lanjaron.

It has a small two-bedroom farmhouse (Cortijo) and a water deposit (Alberca).

The land consists of a larger plot of more than two hectares, of which 1.8 hectares is olive land, 200 centenary olive trees and a number of younger trees, yielding around 10,000 to 18,000 kilos of olives annually.

Adjacent to the olive land, and separated from it by the access track, is a hill terraced for almond cultivation, of a little more than 7,000m2 yielding around 1,000 kilos of almonds annually.


Electricity is connected (220V, 3kW) » needs to be upgraded to 5kW

Irrigation water through the local irrigation system (acequia) is available every Sunday for 6 hours.

Potable water is available free from the town - but has to be brought in canisters from Lanjaron at the moment. We are monitoring potable water use.

In the pipeline:

  • Drinking water from the town
  • Outdoor shower
  • Compost toilet
  • Micro cabin
  • Outdoor kitchen

Here's a summarized history.

We want to

  • transform a conventional olive & almond farm into a permaculture organic regenerative farm
  • offer a space of learning and reconnecting with nature
  • Participate in the local economy
  • support and participate in aligned local community projects
  • provide regenerative services

At the moment we can only offer a space to park or a camping spot.

Visits are welcome but please only by appointment.

We will be accepting volunteers from May 2022. Please read here for more information.

We are in the process of setting up a soil and water analysis lab. More info on this soon.

The resident team meet monthly to discuss the following:

  • financial health check
  • roundup of last month's activities
  • next steps

Volunteers may attend if they wish.

We use Gitlab for tracking and assigning work, the permanent residents will be using this system, the volunteers will not be required to use it. Instead, the farm manager will work hand in hand with the volunteers to explain the tasks that need completing.

A list of things we need/want to have.

There's a lot of research to be done in order to make this a financially sustainable and regenerative project. We collect these topics here.

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