Self Care at Finca Verde

We don't go out much but you are welcome to come along when we do. Sometimes there are entertainment activities in Lanjaron.

You are also free to take yourself there using your own transport, on foot or you can borrow a bicycle from us.

In case of any emergency call 112:

  • Ambulance: 061
  • Fire brigade: 080
  • National police: 091
  • Local police: 092
  • Civil Guard: 062

Take care of yourself first before helping others. Alert the farm manager as soon as possible.

Accessing health care without insurance is expensive. Make sure you have adequate insurance coverage before you arrive.

Safeguarding is our primary aim. Please remember you are responsible for the children in your care. Please ensure they are supervised at all times including break times. If any additional adults join your group, they need to check in with the farm manager.

First aid is your responsibility. Finca Verde has a first aid box and this can be found in the community kitchen.

Finca Verde community members will not assist with the administering of any medication.

If you suffer from any allergies please let us know before your arrival and make sure you bring with you any medication you need.

No open fire and no smoking are allowed anywhere on the farmland and in any of the buildings because of the high fire risk. Open-air cooking is only allowed with permission from the farm manager depending on the season. Firewood can only be used with prior permission, they may be a small charge for using this wood. No foraging for wood is allowed on the property and outside it.

In case of fire leave the area immediately, the meeting point is near the car parks. Go to the one furthest from the fire.

  • Use protection from the sun
    • Sun lotion
    • Hat
    • Sunglasses
  • Stay out of the sun during the hottest times of the day
  • Stay hydrated by drinking water regularly
  • Consume a good varied diet to replenish electrolytes lost due to perspiration
  • Do not underestimate the sun, sunstroke in extreme cases can cause kidney problems and brain damage
  • Cool down in the water deposit - be careful of the wasps
  • If you are feeling very hot you can wear a wet t-shirt, the evaporation will cool down your body
  • Avoid working during the hottest hours of the day

If you are experiencing sunstroke you may need to go to the hospital, please make sure you have health insurance as treatment is very expensive.

In order to provide everyone with a quiet space, we observe the following periods of silence.

  • During the day: 14:00 - 18:00
  • During the night: 22:00 - 09:00

Please keep the areas which you use clean and leave them cleaner than you found them.

Please put the tools back in their place after you have used them. Misplaced tools get lost or broken. Report any faulty or broken tools if you come across them.

Do NOT harass insects and animals, enjoy watching them from a distance.

All snakes are protected by law in Spain, when you see one walk the other way especially if you cannot identify them!

Venemous snakes

Snake Picture Comments
1. Viper of Seoane (Vipera Seoanei) Hospital treatment required after bite, not common in our area
2. False Smooth Snake (Macroprotodon Cucullatus) Fangs at the rear of the mouth, the bite may cause infection
3. Montpellier Snake (Malpolon Monspessulanus) Will hiss and rise up if you're too close, fangs at the rear, numbness and swelling form bite
4. Viper of Lataste (Vipera Latastei) avoid getting bitten, bite can be fatal, they shy away from people
5. Asp Viper (Vipera Aspis) avoid getting bitten, bite can be fatal, they shy away from people

Non venomous snakes

Snake Picture Comments
6. Horseshoe Whip Snake fangs at the rear, harmless, common sighting around the farm
7. Viperine Water Snake present around water, harmless
8. Ladder Snake will bite if provoked
9. Southern Smooth Snake harmless
10. Western or Green Whip Snake harmless
11. Grass Snake harmless
name comments
Iberian Ibex Wild mountain goats are normally harmless but they can attack if they feel threatened, the females go around the hills in small groups
Male Ibex Can attack if they feel threatened a confrontation may be deadly. Normally seen on their own.
Wild boar A confrontation may be deadly
Name Picture Comments
Scalopendra likes to hide in bedding, the bite is very painful
Pine processionary caterpillars /Orugas they come down from the pine trees, hairs can cause irritation and blindness
Name Picture Comments
Yellow scorpion common in our area, a very painful sting
European yellow tail scorpion painful sting
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