Open Source Gardens Collaboration with EHF

Finca Verde will be setting up an Open Source Garden in Spring 2023 which will be open for day visits to people who are visiting the area and locals who would like to source their own open source seeds or buy open source, organic produce.

Aimee will run a series of workshops throughout the season both in-person and online for people who would like to learn more about growing from (open source) seeds, caring for your plants and seed-saving and storing.

All workshops will be run on a conscious donation basis. Donations will go towards maintenance and upkeep costs of the Open Source Garden at Finca Verde

All materials produced for the workshops will be published as open knowledge with a CC-by licence.

How is this Permaculture?

  • enabling people to have a higher degree of food sovereignty
  • respecting personal boundaries for the people hosting/holding space / facilitating
  • spreading organic and permaculture food growing practices
  • use water saving practices
  • build up the soil
  • encourage bio diversity using polyculture guilds
  • distribute surplus produce to those who need them the most
  • producing accessible free to share materials to bridge inequalities such as low bandwidth limitations / physical impairments

Would you like to start your own Open Source Garden?


Have a look here for more information:

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