aimeejulia: Aimee Fenech

I am a co-founder and project manager of Eco Hacker Farm and Finca Verde. If you are interested to find out how that happened you can read about it here.

  • Organising the monthly team meetings
  • First line of contact for public relations
  • Marketing and Social Media management
  • Writing of processes and procedures
  • Project Manager for sub-projects:
      • Coordination of volunteers
      • Development of processes and procedures
      • Training & Development for new volunteers on using our systems
      • First line of contact for public relations & social media management
      • Organising & attending the weekly team meeting
      • Research and apply for funding for the project
      • Create and update documentation
      • Promote participation on social media
      • Organising events and schedule for the camp
      • Coordination of arrival and departure of campers
      • Hosting workshop sessions on various topics
  • Farm and business management
  • First line of contact for public relations & social media management
  • Co-ordination of the administration function liaising with internal and external parties
  • Human resource management, coordination of volunteers, acquisition and management of talent
  • Development of processes and procedures for onboarding new members and all people related matters
  • Organise and coordinate events and workshops for the community
  • First line of contact for public relations & social media management
  • Co-ordination of the administration function liaising with internal and external parties
  • Development of succession plans for projects and sub-projects for smooth running and handover between joining and leaving parties

My dream is to live on the land for the land, to reduce my dependency on the monetary system, embrace the gift economy, spend my life with others who share this dream and be able to teach others how to do the same.

In the dream the land is big enough to support an intentional community that is open to others who want to learn or be part of it whilst understanding that for a community to be sustainable population numbers should be limited according to the capacity of the land. I also understand that we are custodians of the land that sustains us and our duty is not only to care for it but also to regenerate it.

In the dream I am still connected to the world around me and using technology in a way that doesn't harm the environment but make working with the land and connecting with other like minded people easier.

Art, culture, exploring, dancing, movies etc. etc I'm interested to learn new skills too :) and I like most music, read all sorts of books and prefer to watch movies that leave you thinking. If you're curious about my writing I occasionally post some here

I have an eclectic taste but don't like anything too heavy maybe I'm averse to extremes. At the moment I like arabic flamenco, indie and electroswing… I also like muse, metallica and pink floyd.

I would be interested in attending a rainbow community event just to see what it's like :)

For the last 16 years I have been involved in many organizations to mobilize social change. In 2016 I founded together with Franz, Eco Hacker Farm and also became project manager of Kuckucksmühle.

My work includes spreading the ideals and seeds for change so that more people start communities that embrace permaculture and hackerculture advocating for an eco friendly life supported by opensource technology. Activism and social change are only possible if I do not have to worry about my expenses being covered, help me to help change the world.

I am financed by people like you!

I run workshops and events around the following topics:

  • Creating a dreamboard - guided meditation session & workshop
  • Bread baking workshops
  • Ikigai / Long term happiness - workshop
  • Urban Permaculture / Food on your balcony - workshop
  • Small holding permaculture - workshop
  • Preserving fruit & vegetables for winter - workshop
  • Drying herbs - workshop
  • Wild harvesting - workshop
  • Designing and building a compost toilet - workshop

You can read more about my work here.

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