Eco Hacker Farm Membership Definition Meeting

Thursday 25th January 2018 21:00 - 23:30

Abbreviation used in this document: EHF, PMS

Aimee, Franz…

Membership definition for Eco Hacker Farm

Aimee: For the local project Kuckucksmuehle we have different kinds of members depending on how much people are involved. We should perhaps adopt this model for EHF. Could look like this:


Seeders are happy to support the project financially with donations but have little or no time to get involved - they can choose to receive news through our mailing list, donations can be a one off of recurring.

* Contribution type

  • One off or Recurring donation

* Requirements

  • donation / membership fee

* Optional

  • Can use the PMS, wiki, mumble…
  • Attends monthly meetings
  • receive emails through the mailing list

* Benefits

  • our gratitude - your continued support is what keep us going
  • flexible involvement in the projects - dip in and out
  • be the first to know about community news, software releases, events etc. (optional)


Growers dedicate some of their time and money to the project. Are happy to receive news, use the PMS to work on tasks, attend monthly meetings and respond to call to action if a vote from the members is needed, EHF can waive the membership fee if someone is happy to dedicate their time but has no money to pay the fee.

Contribution type:

  • Time (c. 8 hours p/m)
  • Membership fee


  • Can use the PMS, wiki, mumble…
  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Participate in decision making
  • Pays the membership fee 1)
  • Volunteer c. 8 hours per month in Eco hacker farm projects and / or software projects


  • our gratitude - your continued support is what keep us going
  • be the first to know about community news, software releases, events etc.
  • be able to influence and participate in community decisions and discussions
  • learn new skills from other members of the community through our projects
  • visit local projects 2) as a friend with possibility for the costs or part of the costs to the community to be offset by Eco Hacker Farm 3)

Membership definitions as outlined above can be changed further to discussion so please do let us know if you have any issues.


Z42:Thank you for sharing your idea and knowledge at the 34C3. It was interesting to listen to both of you, Aimee and Franz. Just an idea: You might like to call this group Sponsors but not Angels. Referring to the angels-system that helps to coordinate your helpers in teams, assign them to work shifts or let them decide for themselves when and where they want to help with what, angels are people that work within but not finance a project. Please find more information about angels here: You might also think about setting up a forked angel system for your farm to assign work shifts.

> Aimee: Thanks Z42, we took the comments into consideration :-)

Aimee: Angels here is not meant to refer to the german coined englesystem… but to angel investors, having said that I don’t really care much about the name pick another if you like….
Franz: Investors, …
Aimee: The definition is more important than the name at the moment
Franz: Seeder!
Aimee: Agreed, can we move on now…?
Franz: Sure. thank you Aimee for writing so much already. Since I’m not in the position of an ongoing member at the moment and we have no other participants at the moment, i agree with your proposal. Except i like to change the name to Growers. And ament that this criteria could be changed when problems/critics evolve.
Aimee: Agreed, I can add this on the wiki…

Action points: transpose agreed definition into the wiki

Membership fee for the sub-topic, how much should the membership fee be? And where do we store people’s data?

Franz: 5000€ per month
Aimee: I will be the first to ask for a free membership on account that I don’t have any money :-D
Franz: good then we have two free members already!
Aimee:Great haha… but seriously, our annual expenses were (checking…)165 Eur per annum
Franz: 7€ per month?
Aimee: maybe an annual figure is better because you collect it once and you don’t have to chase people up for it so often… or could be optional to monthly but then sending out monthly email reminders is really admin heavy because you don’t want to spam everyone (the crowds) with this - keeping records of who paid and didn’t pay is a pain in the ass, we should look at a system that is as hands free as possible, maybe make the annual fee cheaper than the monthly fee to encourage less time wasting on the monthly manual labour.
Franz: OK. Maybe 50€ a year.
Aimee:let’s do a minimum suggested donation of 15eur per year people can donate more if they can afford it, it is easily paid annual because it is a low amount also and will help keep the admin down - we should explain this on the page as well
Franz: OK.
Aimee:We can also give a number of members needed to cover the basic costs so that people get an idea and link back to the accounts page for more info about how the money is used
Franz: Why should you be interested in the number of people needed to cover the basic cost. But I don’t care at this point of time.
Aimee: so people understand that it is a collective effort to keep this going and maybe donate more if they can afford it
Franz: OK. I want to close the meeting please.
Aimee:ok, pending issue for next time - how do we store membership personal data

Action points: transpose agreed points to the wiki

Pending discussion items: storing member’s personal data safely

Send your addition / comment / suggestion / feedback in an email to

membership fees may be waived if contributing time but has no money
local projects visit are subject to visiting conditions
subject to funding availability, approval and volunteering hours to Eco Hacker Farm during your stay of 25 hours per week or equivalent
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