IT-Meeting 2016-09-03

Our hackerspace is growing with the people that are involved. To invite people that are interested in computer technology setting up a room with WIFI is a milestone on a longer way. A first atempt is that we organize regular meetings with local experts so we get to know each other and pass around ideas and topics. When developers, admins, farmer and project manager meet interesting fruits grow.

To present and discuss the ideas that float around the hacker-topic in the EcoHackerFarm project we have invited some local experts. We discussed the topics on what can be automated in the garden, how to make a great hackerspace that brings the required infrastructure.

The first session was really productive and we setup devices, like the jumpserver and defined how to extend the local network with wifi access points. Various ideas for future events were discussed over plum-cake. Those were picking workshops, using a raspberry and arduinos for sensors in the garden and setting up robust devices that even work on power outages. In the discussions we realized that the Kuckucksmühle is a ideal place for relaxing the project stressed IT nerds with nature and because of the remote location fun projects with radios can be implemented. After we enjoyed the stars outside on the swing, the launched projects started working and we focused on details so we could leave the setup running until the next session. The watchdog was used to take pictures of itself and the jumpserver. Jumpserver Configuration Raspberry in a box

In october the first weekend is a special one with a holiday following on Monday. Instead of just a single evening we can extend our time to 3 days. We will look how we extend the jumpserver and start with the first gardening sensors.

Next Meeting

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