The Jumpserver is a devices which will be used, in the hopefully not so far future, as a SSH jump into the internal hacker space network. Therefore it will hold the central password and keys storage for all shared devices within the network and a XMPP server for the communication of all network travellers.

Hardware: Rasspberry Pi 2 + USB stick 8 GB

OS: Raspbian GNU/Linux 8

Hostname: rhizosphere or rh

IP: eth0:

User: pi;root;jump

the /etc/ directory is observed by a local git repository please commit all your changes within the central config.

The script under /usr/local/bin/identitiy is used for this purpose.

The data is stored under /mnt/creds/ that will be mounted by the script.

ecohackyturm246r.onion entry point as user *jump*


   Host jump_pi_extern
      HostName ecohackyturm246r.onion
      User jump
      ControlPath ~/.ssh/master-%r@%h:%p                                       
      ControlMaster auto                                                       
      ProxyCommand  nc -x -X5 %h %p
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