EHF Labs: Fünfseen

EHF Labs: Fünfseen is a non live-in location administered by Kuckucksmühle created for prototyping automated irrigation systems and growing greenhouse dependent fruit / vegetables to support the Lab and the community.

The use of the greenhouse space was donated by Aaron's Gartenreich for the 2018 season free of charge with the agreement that successful prototype can be implemented in the rest of the greenhouse.

We have decided to use the 46m x 5.5m to grow melons, the produce will be sold to raise funds for Kuckucksmühle.

Donations Amount in €
Use of land 0
150x melon Seedlings 0
Irrigation Equipment
Date Comment
18/04/2018 Melon seeds planted in greenhouse
27/04/2018 Sprouted seedlings
17/04/2018 Appointment for transplanting plants
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