Offsetting CO2 emissions

#foodisfree project

Offsetting CO2 emissions generated by the projects and visitors - create a fund and #foodisfree project participation with fruit trees planted on public land. This would have to have a CO2 calculator to give an estimate and then the money from that fund is invested outside of the project into the community.

It would be nice to offset the emissions the project creates by planting trees in the region these can be fruit trees on public land in / near the nearby towns - serves more than 1 purpose we offset the emissions and participate in the #foodisfree project, enhance the local community public spaces - and offer an easy way for our members / visitors to do the same.

emissions created by the project eg:

  • car journeys to and from the station / supermarket / nearby cities
  • trips elsewhere - meetings at other projects
  • flights taken by volunteers / visitors to travel to and from the project
  • use of machinery
  • food we make & eat
  • products we consume

Some practical examples calculated by Gunnar Thöle:

  • Pizza 490g per Pizza
  • Spork 60g per Piece
  • Mate 300g per Bottle
  • Vegetarian Burger 1000g per Burger
  • Cheeseburger 2600g per Burger
  • Coffee 33g per Cup
  • Data 2g per Gbyte (on Vodafone 4G - i have no information for fixed or wifi, sorry)
  • Toilet Paper 0.5g per sheet
  • Paper towel 10g per sheet
  • Go by electric scooter 7,5g/km (electricity only)


  • members can also offset their non project related journeys for example
  • anyone who comes across it can use it for their own journeys or just donate money because they want to

We can have signs near the trees explaining the fund & project around it

We would need to think about:

  • which calculator to use (I used this for the example below:
  • have some (most popular) journeys pre-calculated for visitors so they can see it's not costly (eg a flight from malaga to berlin = Eur 5.11)
  • open a new account to segregate the funds - a paypal pool has been set up already
  • keep an open set of accounts for transparency / accountability purposes
  • A CO2 calculator - make a list of possible co2 calculators and which one would be best to integrate within our website
  • A web page - can be hosted on our website but we'd need to flesh out the content to explain why we are doing this and how it works
  • Add information on plant care & harvesting guide
  • Add a link or QR code back to the project
  • A dedicated account
  • An open set of accounts

The fund should be self sustainable with money donated used for:

  • sourcing trees
  • mode of transportation to planting location
  • any other costs pertaining to the running of the fund

Trees could be sourced from Finca Verde if we want to plant in the nearby town or part of the farm or from other similar projects near the location of planting. The idea is that we keep transportation to a minimum.

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