An open week to visit and stay at Veintidós May 20th, 2106 till May 29th, 2016

We would like people to come, share their knowledge and participate in community activities linked to permaculture living.

Activities we'd like to include:

  • Foraging for food in the Mijas Sierra
  • Organisation and division of labour
  • Recycled art workshop
  • Outdoor shower project
  • Shared meals preparation
  • Yoga sessions on the rooftop terrace
  • Garden design project (virtual garden map)
  • Companion planting database building
  • Entertaining evenings with music =) maybe even with improvised instruments, bring your guitars/drums if you like

As we know how many people will attend we can have a more structured programme

Where is Veintidós?

Veintidós is located in Mijas Pueblo here

Maybe you could also include…

Tell us your ideas and areas of expertise and we'll discuss with the group to add them to the programme =)

What about the house?

The house is equipped with wifi and hot water.There are 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms and a lot of floor space so you can bring your camping mats and sleeping bags and there should be space for everyone. I also have a couple of tents so you could be camping under the stars on the terrace as well.

It has a great little garden that is still very much work in progress. We are trying to keep to permaculture principles in order to make the most of it.

What if I want to visit the project but prefer to sleep elsewhere or what if I can only come for a few hours?

That's great too! You can still participate by visiting the project for a day or a few hours and join into the activities going on at that time.

How will I know what is going on?

We will keep updating the page with the programme as we go along so that people can join in at any time.

Ok, I want to come….but how much do I have to pay?

We would like this to be a pay as much as you want event, ideally this would mean enough to cover bills, there are donation boxes that you can use.

What about money for food?

Money for food will be put into a separate donation box and after everyone has contributed the group/participants assigned to food prep duty will make a shopping list.

I have dietary requirements…or I want to eat something different.

It's a tricky one, the idea is to live in a community setting - the preference would be to have food that is mostly raw as this is agreeable to most however we can have a discussion about that as a group.

What about alcohol and other substances?

Smoking can be done outside, we have ashtrays, otherwise as long as you behave respectfully towards everyone we have no issue.

I love this! I want to come…where do I book?

Complete the booking form here

Join the facebook group here

I have more questions….no worries - email Aimee on

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