Edible weeds @ Kuckucksmuehle

Before we go into detail of what we plant in the garden we must not ignore the multitude of edible plants which grow unassisted and without need of maintenance from us.

Plant name Popular uses
Stinging Nettle / Urtica dioica suitable for tea and soups
Mugwort / Artemisia vulgaris can be used to flavor beer
Broadleaf plantain / Plantago major young plants suitable for salads or soups
Lamb's quarters / Chenopodium album good spinach substitute, seeds are also good and high in protein
Henbit / Lamium amplexicaule suitable for salads and soups
Blue Violet / Viola sororia flowers and leaves suitable for salads
Wild garlic / Allium vineale suitable for salads and soups
Common chickweed / Stellaria media suitable for salads
Deadnettle / Lamium purpureum tops suitable for salads
Ground ivy / Glechoma hederacea suitable for salad, tea etc.
Bitter dock / Rumex obtusifolius leaves suitable salad, sauce or soup use as spinach
Dandelion / Taraxacum officinale All parts of this plant are edible, use for tea, soup, salad, flower syrup, flowers fried in batter, dry flowers for tea in winter etc.
Woodbine / Parthenocissus quinquefolia add leaves to soups
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