Powerplant in person meeting @ 36C3

Meeting Notes 36c3 28/12/2019 13:00 - 14:15

no progress for the last two months since motivation went low since there is nobody except petteri who is participating but if somebody else participates again he might change his mind

Petteri: Yes, personally I will take some distance to powerplant development for now.

what do we want to achieve in 2020?

  • Finish one part/module of the powerplant app
  • Have an active community working on powerplant

Resources to help achieve the vision:

  • irc channel
  • mailing list of interested parties
  • Aimee - 2 hours a month for PR / community building work
  • platform for promotion at different events (emergent berlin, ccc events, opentech summit, IT meetups at kuckucksmuehle etc)
  • time and energy to make decisions and do the follow up work

Next achievable steps:

  • vote on whether the break up the project into modules - Agreed
  • if above is yes - decide module configuration / priority of work etc. - Franz to workon on this list until the next meeting
  • decide whether we should have powerplant focused IT meetups and/or other event promotions - only if we can support new people joining in - this is put on hold until we have a better idea about the modules and priority of work
  • pick up the discussion again at the next monthly meeting

How could we improve the progress?

Franz: We could break down some parts into small modular projects with APIs.

  • plant db with machine readable values
  • open api for average historic data + tendencies
  • open api for companion planting
  • open api for grow prediction by location
  • open api for weather warnings by plants + location + special conditions (green house or similar)
  • (media wiki) editability for plant data - sync with data of the db
  • convert data from different sources to db and vice versa
  • … feel free to add more

The idea is that we can use code we already wrote and encapsulate it for people to use it.

I would plan this and define the scope and try to break it down to little tasks. The goal would be to have more satisifaction by finished/usable projects instead of a huge application with a lot of features.

January 22, 2020

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