Eco Hacker Farm Monthly Meeting

Date 10th January 2020 20:30 - 21:30

Abbreviation used in this document: EHF, PMS

Aimee, Anton, Franz

Go round - how are we all feeling

  • Aimee: anxious about meeting regarding doocracy
  • Anton: Splendid!
  • Franz: demotivated about how slow the process of doing something that is easy is

Review of 2019

what did we do well
  • consultation services to people who asked for it - 3 projects not yet started
  • 2 good media interviews
  • have stickers, people liked them
  • made new connections at events we presented ourselves to
  • don't have immediate real money problems
  • CCC Camp 19 + Congress
  • First AirB&B booking
what can we do better
  • fixing the nextcloud issue
  • making more money
  • offer hosting for nextcloud
  • evaluating what is effective and what is not
    • creating process of doing that
  • improve methods to rise motviation
  • improve powerplant engagement and onboarding of new developers
    • if there is funding it would be easier to move forward with powerplant
    • Consider using alternatives to powerplant?
    • Franz does not want to be involved in powerplant anymore
  • define criteria for failed projects
  • Allocate time to spend on EHF projects
    • more low hanging fruits
we shouldn't do at all
  • take on more projects than we can handle

New connections / renewed connections

Vision for 2020

Does EHF as umbrella make any sense?

  • why?
    • positive
      • we provide guidance to people who want to start their own projects
      • people see us as open to collaborate more ie a collective rather than individual project
      • EHF projects are portable, can be used for multiple projects
      • It leaves the door open for more locations and groups to join in without being on site
      • If Kuckucksmuehle stops existing the EHF name still can continue as all the projects relating to it are not bound to a location
      • accounts are easier to separate allowing for funding to be made available to other projects if needed and people to donate to different projects as they wish - Has this been done, or is there a risk of this happening?
    • negative
      • confusing - singular name multiple of local projects - The name EHF implies a single location
      • There are not any other projects related, just the Mill
      • The EHF logo is way better
      • There is nothing EHF provides that the mill could not do operating as EHF
      • EHF is not location-dependant, the mill can move and still be EHF
      • there is no reason for now and soonish why somebody should adopt the “brand”
      • nobody wanted money ever from us even if we offer it .. also we selling it with there is not much money
      • it makes more sense to join specific
    • umbrella gets removed - agreed by all attendants
    • why should I join: point 1 now reads connect and expand a network of communities…
  • relating number of members or local projects over time? - No
  • why should you join? - already listed on the wiki
  • what are failure characteristics? - no active members

TODO: email the community to ask for feedback, what we did right, what we can do better…

- How often should we meet?

  • Monthly - publish agenda 3 days before, send email reminder, send reminder on irc

What events do we want to go to in 2020?

  • 37C3
  • Emergent Berlin
  • Metanook? - Aimee maybe
  • Franz paid money for a new logo to be designed, once there are some logos to choose from it will be voted on before changing anything, we dont need a meeting for a decision a simple signal convo will suffice

Do-ocracy proposal

    • why?
      • increases motivation on single tasks
      • we don't need agreement for everything
      • agreement for infrastructure/habitability/big changes consent
        • what are big changes? define this
        • anything costing more than €20?

example of where this could work:

  • can be a model for projects, we can create a link to this from one of our wiki pages

Other decision making process that we can use

example of where this could work:

  • can be a model for projects, we can create a link to this from one of our wiki pages

Status with the nextcloud set up

  • RL are still waiting to transfer sensitive information from gdrive to nextcloud - can we provide a timeframe from when this will be possible?
  • ongoing says Franz, hopefully this weekend

Eco Hacker Farm blueprint - target for 2020

  1. an index page with links for relevant pages?
  • more thought needed on this - how it should look like and what it should include
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