Eco Hacker Farm Monthly Meeting

Date 13th March 2020 20:30 - 21:30 Meeting place: Mumble

Abbreviation used in this document: EHF, PMS


Aimee - apologies not attending as in another meeting

  • Check-in
  • forked from the last meeting - promotion of coliving projects / hackbases with other projects that don't offer residential possibilities for retreats etc. - what capacity do we have for working on this at the moment?
    • Aimee: I have promised not to take on new projects so no time at the moment
  • Status of ongoing projects
    • Nextcloud collabora - Franz / Anton
      • Unfortunately all the sensitive information is still on google drive… Anton what is the last update on this?

TODO: Aimee to start the verein registration process - have not started this yet

  • YCSC - Aimee
    • 2 kids confirmed + 1 maybe
  • Outreach - new contacts
    • Sociocracy for all (SOFA) - Aimee
      • Referred this in some other networks that I am in as we have no capacity at the moment for pro-bono work - Aimee
    • Reproducible indoor growing systems - Justin / Aimee to cover if Justin is not able to attend
      • No updates on this one this month - Aimee
  • New logo for EHF - Franz
    • TODO: change it on all the sites we have
  • Blue print project - Franz - item picked up from last meeting
    • no updates yet
  • TODO's from last meeting
  • collect community feedback, what we did right, what we can do better…
    • email sent 20th February pending responses - Aimee - no feedback received as at 10/03
  • Items arising?
  • Checkout
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