Eco Hacker Farm Monthly Meeting

Date 26th September 2019 20:30 - 21:30

Abbreviation used in this document: EHF, PMS


  1. Events for end of 2019
  2. Events for 2020 - to be covered in the next meeting
  3. New connections / renewed connections - to be covered in the next meeting
  4. Well being of team members

11 - 20 October - Emergent Berlin @Das Baumhaus Berlin

Emergent Berlin is holding another year event this year and Aimee will be presenting a workshop called “Permaculture Design for an urban life” the workshop is intended to bring permaculture practice to everyday life in the city. The workshop will be over 3 hours and material made public through the wiki. Schedule for the event is yet to be published.

Description submitted: “A hands-on and immersive workshop taking you through the permaculture principles and helps you to design and adapt your life to become more sustainable, connected to self, others and the earth. Centered around life in the urban jungle this workshop is for urbanites who wish to be inspired by new ideas on how to slow down and recuperate some of the benefits of living in a vibrant and connected reality.”

TODO: Aimee to prepare text for publishing on the Emergent Berlin Website with links to EHF. TODO: As soon as the schedule is published, promote through the mailing list & blog.

Travel and food expenses by EHF. Expected cost to be around €35.

19th October - Open Source Diversity Contribution Day

We were offered a spot for powerplant at the Open Source Diversity Contribution Day event but unfortunately no programmers can make it there to help with the presentation and mentoring of participants. Feels like a missed opportunity to promote powerplant. We hope our community grows enough to be able to cover such events in the future.

9th to 23rd November - Heathercombe Permaculture Design Course

Aimee is going to attend the 2 week course to become a certified permaculture designer, this will help the project as we will be able to host more workshops and design courses in order to fund our activities. It will also be an opportunity to promote EHF with other course attendees.

Upon completion Aimee will receive the Permaculture Association (Britain)'s internationally recognised Certificate in Permaculture Design.

Costs for slow travel total: €300 Costs for course: €700

The costs will be covered by the project and repaid back when income is made using these skills.

27th to 30th December - 36c3

Ticket prices and booking not open yet for this one, Franz is not sure that he would like to go. Aimee has already booked shared accomodation (sleeps a total of 4 people in central Leipzig close to the main station) and would like to hold an assembly for Eco Hacker Farm, organise talks and workshops and spread the word about powerplant and other projects ongoing, she hopes others will also be coming for support.

Something new for this year is that Aimee is also involved with c3sus, she is leading the food and waste teams. So far it has be interesting but has also added some workload for Aimee and additional meetings to attend.

A place was offered to Eco Hacker Farm on the freedom cluster however this would mean a smaller space that would not be so comfortable for a hackerspace with visiting participants. The general feeling is that an individual assembly near other ecological projects would be more ideal than just a small info desk. Contact is needed with other projects such as foodsharing and astralship perhaps if desirable we could organise ourselves into a cluster.

Accommodation costs: €200.49 for 4 people 4 nights - cost to be split between people sharing Transport costs with shared car: €80 approximation to be covered by the project - donations from people sharing encouraged Ticket prices: Not available yet

TODO: get in early on the presale once it is out and encourage people sharing the accommodation to pay as soon as possible.

Franz is looking rather burnt out mostly due to being overworked and stressed with too many events this year in addition to working for money and constant emergency situations at Kuckucksmuehle.

Aimee is frustrated with the lack of motivation shown by the community in taking more an active role when it comes to pushing the project forward and rising up to challenges / supporting. Nevertheless there is still energy for the upcoming events and interesting overlap with outside projects. Any ideas on how to improve the situation are welcome. Over all Aimee needs more rest and time to herself in order to avoid burnout especially with highly social situations which she finds necessary but unpleasant, time to recover after such events is necessary.

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