Eco Hacker Farm Monthly Meeting

Thursday 19th April 2018 20:30 -

Abbreviation used in this document: EHF, PMS

Aimee, Franz…

Aimee: - could you give a short update about where the project is and what is next?
Franz: It goes slowly forward since I have now a job and even less time for programming on power plant. Petteri seems to left us alone till he starts producing more code. But Erin is doing the minimum average temperature from raw histiroical weather data. As a good side project to get attension and to get hardiness zones from location. She is almost finished with that.

Offsetting co2 emissions / #foodisfree project - project on hold / low priority

More detailed information about the projects should be added onto the Research page & start a new Projects page.

Aimee: - that we the discussed in Feb unfortunately we didn’t do the meeting and nothing happened since then. We need to schedule a new meeting or I can go ahead and set up tickets to write the info on the wiki. I would also like to call for people interested in helping me run this subproject.
Franz: Make a new appointment.
Aimee: - When?
Franz: Tuesday.
Aimee: - Done

* Anything to add to Outreach ??

Franz: Kum Melons?
Aimee: - Aaron’s Gartenery / or german equivalent should go on this and separate pages to document the melon subproject that has no name yet…. Maybe the Eco Hacker Farm Xtension Lab for the testing of automation things and from KUM perspective production of melons / produce etc. But I think we can wait until he confirms that everything is good for the use of the land.
Franz: ok sounds good.

* Anything new on the bank of ideas page ?? more info needs to be added for ideas for locations (process)

Franz: I have nothing to add here
Aimee: -Nothing to add apart from the melons previously discussed :-D
Aimee: -Nothing to add

Action Items should be added under each point

Is there an agenda item you would like us to discuss at the next meeting? Add it on the agenda for that particular meeting or send an email to - if you have a suggestion or idea please add it on the wiki here

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