Eco Hacker Farm Monthly Meeting

Date 20th February 2020 20:30 - 21:30 Meeting place: Mumble

Abbreviation used in this document: EHF, PMS

Aimee, Franz

  • Check-in
    • Aimee: doing very good, in high spirits and feeling productive
    • Franz: here
  • Review of FOSDEM2020 participation
    • Aimee: was a little bit chaotic and still unsure how we would actually be able to participate in a way that can bring value to our project, probably not something I want to do next year would be open to consider it again in future perhaps. There were some interesting projects but the table formats were not very condusive to productive conversations. The social part of the event is not really my thing but I could easily not participate and do something else in the evenings instead.
    • Franz: don't want to attend anymore; didn't found it productive; maybe it's the people I know there but found it more beer heavy then anything else - I don't like beer
    • 20200223 : dcht00 on #ecohackerfarm , in response to aimeejulia fosdem 2020 report - i read the FOSDEM notes and agree, everytime I went there, it was basically about getting the flue, and ratting around the hallways of that strange uni, to find all interesting sessions closed (overbooked)………. the model that I did find a bit better was to run around and make sure not to get baited into more than 5 min conversation with anyone, as the geeks at stands there will trap you and will keep telling you about their project into all details for an hour if you let them… what would be good, or perhaps great, would be to try to spread hackbases in general to these projects, to make retreats etc. i discussed this with several projects when i was at FOSDEM … the problem is to actually “close” this and make it happen…for this we would need to figure out clearer formats, share notes (how to do financials, etc) and probably bounce projects between eachother. because it would make sense for them to travel not always to the same place. we could all probably share a fiscal sponsor as well (my company, for example, could potentially bill something, for example)…it would be high-time to co-develop this model, and see how we could flyer it and push it. this is what hackbases should really be doing … i thought they will at start, but kind of lost track of this, as CHT became more experimental.
  • Status of ongoing projects
    • Nextcloud collabora - Franz
      • don't feel motivated to do so and if there is no admin who wants to care about it, I don't see the value
      • Unfortunately all the sensitive information is still then on google drive… perhaps we need to ask Anton or maybe Erik who had offered to help previously to help sort it out - Aimee
      • how about just paying for the service
      • how much is it? - Aimee
      • free for non-profits
      • perhaps it is time again to think about registering as a non profit - Aimee

TODO: Aimee to start the verein registration process

  • YCSC - Aimee
    • the dates are confirmed 26th July to 2nd August, the price was reduced as were the coding days from 7 to 5. This will enable more participants to be able to attend. I would like to maybe ask for help with the delivery of the coding days… topics are also still open - any ideas to pitch to the kids are welcome and encourage - remember this is a practical camp so any practical use cases for the farm would be preffered.
  • Outreach - new contacts
    • Sociocracy for all (SOFA) - Aimee
      • We have been asked for help from a person volunteering for SOFA to handhold the development of a sociocracy application - at the moment it is in vue.js but he is not too fussed about the framework and would like more support. This will be pitched through the mailing list. I am interested in SOFA and will be attending an online session to learn more about it on the 26th February. Sociocracy 3 which is similar is open source and has an open licence looks interesting and is adopted already widely in many organisations. I have forwarded on the correspondence to Franz to see if he would be interested in this as well.
    • Reproducible indoor growing systems - Justin / Aimee to cover if Justin is not able to attend
      • Justin is looking to start indoor growing system to enable people to be more self reliant and grow food for themselves and perhaps also to exchange / sell to others. He would like to become and member of EHF and has a lot of questions about how he can go about different parts of his big project. Correspondence forwarded on to Franz and Anton.
  • New logo for EHF - Franz
  • Blue print project - Franz - item picked up from last meeting
    • no updates yet
  • TODO's from last meeting
  • collect community feedback, what we did right, what we can do better…
    • email sent 20th February pending responses - Aimee
  • publish agenda 3 days before the meeting, send email reminder, send reminder on irc
    • I missed this, I will have to put in a calendar reminder - Aimee
  • Items arising?
  • No
  • Checkout
  • Aimee: good to see some movement on the new contacts front, it would be nice to have more members engaging on different projects.
  • Franz: don't see a purpose for checkout
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