Eco Hacker Farm Monthly Meeting

Date 27th March 2019 20:30 - 21:30

Abbreviation used in this document: EHF, PMS

Aimee, Franz…


  • (re-)move the ideals out of EHF into Kum and create EHF to a network of sustainable technology orientated agricultural projects
    • new ideals?
      • sustainable
      • tech friendly
      • open source and open data
      • permaculture ethics
      • inclusive community
    • EHF is a network of sustainable and inclusive communities that are tech friendly, adopt open source and open data principles and embrace permaculture ethics.
    • rewording to this above to make it more general
    • also rewording from “agree to our ideals” to “share our ideals”


  • updated outreach to include open food network
  • Explain clearly why we are doing this
    • We want more ecohackerfarms or similar projects around the world to thrive - done
  • Make a nice graphic to explain how projects are connected - done
  • Outlining the advantages of a network
    • Shared expertise - done
    • Software - pms - done
    • A share of the donations - done
    • Support/advice from people who have done it before - done


  • UI write from petteri
  • prototype fund application send (includes Secret and Franz )
  • Work on new release ongoing
    • Data migration from pp and wikipedia
    • Dockerrization still on going

Offsetting CO2 emissions

  • No work on this - on hold

Research projects

  • Nextcloud as an opensource replacement to gdrive
    • anton tests it out and gives us feedback
  • Cash register system suitable for small shop - opensource - ongoing

Wish list for 2019

Find projects that use ecohackerfarm as network/umbrella

  • Explain clearly how to set up an ecohackerfarm
    • Draw a blueprint
  • creating value for projects to use ecohackerfarm?
    • Outlining how much or how little a community would have to do to adopt the label
  • Outlining the advantages of a network
    • Joined resources for paid jobs - when we set up a coop

Action point: Explain clearly on the wiki: How to set up an Eco Hacker Farm project (online and onsite separate), this should be a blueprint ie step by step general instructions on how to go about it. Perhaps a process map here would be appropriate.

Go over outstanding Action Points from the last membership/data management meeting:

  • Create Form to put data in and encrypts with public key from EHF and sends it to EHF Server -#1651 & #1652
  • Action point: Setup the form so that people can start using it
  • Action point: Update the wiki with the link to the form
  • Action point: Write a wiki page on the membership page about how we store people’s data.
  • Action points: transpose agreed points to the wiki

Research projects:

  • Diaspora as fb alternative - in progress
  • Mastodon as twitter alternative - in progress
  • OS cash register for small shops - in progress
  • Replacement for instagram
  • Social media manager OS
  • Nextcloud as alternative to google-drive
  • OS voting system for (small) communities

Action point: call to action to join research projects on each research project page

Monday’s 5pm - 7pm

Questions / suggestions / ideas from attendees

Action Items should be added under each point

Send your addition / comment / suggestion / feedback in an email to

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