Eco Hacker Farm

Sustainable living using appropriate technology and permaculture principles.

Logo of Eco Hack Farm, a person sitting under a tree with a laptop, on the other side of the tree corn grows

Eco Hacker Farm is an organization that helps to set up and support, new and existing projects that combine hackerspaces with permaculture farms to provide a sustainable living space for people to experience a way of life that is not necessarily dependent on the system but using appropriate, open source and low cost technological solutions.

By supporting community projects, people are able to bring their own ideas to the rest of the community and work together with others in order to implement them.

A project in Eco Hacker Farm should grow to these Ideals

If you're interested you can read a little about our Eco Hacker Farm History.

Projects aligned and connected with Eco Hacker Farm

Why should I or my project join forces with Eco Hacker Farm?

Any individual or existing project can become an Eco Hacker Farm project with all the advantages this brings with it:

  • Connect and expand a network of communities both online and offline which you can learn from and where you can find assistance
  • A share of the donations depending on the project and availability of finances
  • Infrastructure support
  • Recommendations to good volunteers who you may want to visit your projects
  • Join in decision making as to where and what Eco Hacker Farm should do next
  • Help create a blueprint so that others may start their own projects & communities around the world

You can participate in the project by attending the Monthly Meetings, learn about the project, sharing your ideas and opinions, let people know what skills you would like to share or learn from others, possible events or workshops you’d like to organize or attend etc.

If you want to participate on the social media or see which other 3rd party projects we collaborate with, visit the Outreach section.

Inspired from and collated by team members & project managers working in our different locations and driven by our open-source ideals, we welcome everyone who would like to join in with our research & project efforts or simply want to use our research for their own purposes.

We have 2 kinds of membership, Seeders & Growers. Find out more about Eco Hacker Farm - Membership.

Contact us by email: if you'd like to know more or get involved.

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