R&D Practical Solutions

  • Research, documentation and development practical solutions to major challenges of our time including water shortages, loss of biodiversity, food production and strengthening local economies.
  • Research & documentation of a case study over three years producing an annual report of solutions trials and results.

Split budget across our four main themes following the seasons:

  • optimizing irrigation practices
  • maintenance/repairs to irrigation system
  • documenting & optimizing water catchment systems already in place
  • document participate and promote local exchange practices
  • collaborate with local initiatives including the seed-bank, permaculture initiatives
  • optimizing and document farm harvests from main crop, foraging and wild foods
  • put in place scientific survey practices to document changing levels in biodiversity
  • document creation and effects of micro climates through changes in water management
  • Anton Oussik - researcher, reporting officer
  • Aimee Fenech - researcher
  • Paco & Adrian Garcia - research consultant / specialist organic farm work
  • Ras Creswell - adhoc local permaculture consultant

For this project we have a budget of 10,000 GBP per year from 2023 to the end of 2025.

A full breakdown of costs can be found here.

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