Eco Hacker Farm and Permaculture CoLab Digital Circle collaboration

A circle in the Permaculture CoLab, the Digital Circle is a commons facilitated by committed members who believe in supporting learning and innovation at the intersection between digital technology, permaculture design, and ecosocial justice.

The circle supports an alliance of micro-enterprises and interest groups, providing a lean-style organizational infrastructure for freelancers and system designers to build upon.

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Digital Circle often has opportunities for freelancers to contribute and get paid to do project work in the different micro-enterprises being offered by the Digital Circle.

These opportunities are considered to be good, ethical opportunities that match our Ideals.

Some examples of this are:

There are opportunities in the different micro services to join as freelancer and be able to put yourself forward for work as and when this comes up, or carve your own opportunities by helping to onboard clients to these services.

  • a small team is needed to set up / fork / find a good low bandwidth education app that can be adapted for use of refugees who are learning about Permaculture - there is a budget for this project that would provide payment for services rendered

Nothing. At this moment we have no income sharing agreements, we would like to support people who are looking to provide for their financial needs by doing good and meaningful work. If you benefit from this and feel called to it you can make a donation here.

If you would like to join us you can do so by sending us an email.

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