Hydroelectirc wheel at Kuckucksmuehle

This project is about researching and implementing an hydroelectric solution for the Kuckucksmühle (Kum).

  • Legal issues (the right to use the water)
  • Water needs to continuously flowing (at the moment a beaver damn ensures that) but officially there is no creek on the map anymore
  • foundation of the mill and structure of the building needs to be checked for suitability and/or restoration of it.

Produce electric energy for infrastructure or services of Kum.

Powering sets of small computers for providing dedicated servers for small applications 100% renewable.

Measuring the water level over a year. Implementing a water flow meter that is non intrusive.

First Ideas:

A camera that makes photos every hour and calculates the amount of water flowing through by hight of the water level exiting the tunnel of the bridge.

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