Meditation & Dreamboard workshops

We start off with a brief introduction explaining what a dreamboard is and a session of guided meditation.

During the meditation people are guided through a path to a place where they find peace and happiness and there they focus on identifying what they truly want and desire to bring with them to the dreamboard.

Once they take those in they are brought back into the room and given boards on which they can work from. We also provide magazines for those who want to create a collage and coloured pens and pencils for those who prefer to draw.

It's always a pleasure talking about personal experiences with dreamboards and I like to use my own example to start off and make people more comfortable to share. Everyone's desires vary, people's perspectives on the path and their feelings vary but overall people are happy with the result. They create something which is uniquely theirs, that they created from the inner self to the outer self as a gift.

Once that's ready we show people around the garden and roof terrace and then we have healthy vegan lunch.

Visit the events section to find out when the next one is.

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