One year internship post: assistant project manager

Status: closed for applications

Kuckucksmuehle is a small but growing community of 4 to 5 people which we call “permies” hosting up to 5 volunteers at a time in the summer and 3 in the winter. Together we work to combine permaculture and hackerculture (aka appropriate technology) for sustainable living. This year we would like to open a 1 year spot for a volunteer to help with the income generation part of the project.

We live in a very beautiful 16th century old water mill surrounded by land, our main focus is to become more self sustainable both in terms of food production and also from an income perspective since the property requires extensive renovation. Our long term objective is to increase our capacity to accommodate more long term community members on site.

about the position:

You will be working 30 hours a week, to support and work closely with Aimee, the project manager on site with tasks specific to income generation, theses include but are not limited to:

  • help with organising and planning tasks to get the ecolodge on the go
    • help develop and implement a marketing plan for ecolodge
  • identify and develop other possible income streams
    • eg venue hire / workshops / retreats / room hire etc.
  • occasionally house sitting
    • includes taking care of the animals and Gert (elderly person living on site) if there are no other volunteers on site (rare but possible)

about you:

  • Highly organised and good at planning and implementation
  • Comfortable with technology, spreadsheets, presentations etc.
  • Familiar with permaculture principles or willing to learn
  • Hands on skills for diy helpful
  • Marketing and project management experience desirable
  • Essential: an excellent work ethic, turn up on time and work collaboratively
  • loves countryside living, including animals, compost toilets, outdoor solar showers and getting your hands dirty
  • has a can-do attitude
  • want to participate in all aspects of community life
    • attending house meetings
    • share in household chores (cleaning, cooking, heating, wood chopping, community work days etc)
  • values aligned closely with the three permaculture ethics
  • A morning person that does not smoke and does not take drugs (prescription drugs are ok)
  • Vegetarian / vegan
  • do not have any own pets (we are already at capacity with the animals on site)

If you are a couple then it would also be possible to make some arrangement especially if one of you is a carpenter, handy person or is a very keen housekeeper.

what we offer:

  • A private room, visitors are allowed in line with our visiting conditions.
  • Vegetarian / vegan home grown / organic food we grow on site and what we don't is sourced regionally / organic, we do not buy milk and meat. Supermarket drinks and snacks are not included but we have a small tuck shop on site if you want to indulge yourself with a little chocolate. Generally we have a communal dinner in the evenings.
  • If you want to work outside the community for money please make sure that you have enough time to honor our agreement.
  • This position is for 30 hours a week in return for food and accommodation. Working hours can be discussed if you have preferred times and days, this will have to be compatible with the needs of the project and Aimee's schedule. This position is for 30 hours a week.
  • We have a piano and electric guitar if you are musically inclined.
  • We have bicycles you can borrow to go to town.
  • You can learn how to live in nature, foraging, food growing using a no till technique, companion planting, seed saving, craft making, natural fence building, food preservation, bread baking and countless other skills.
  • Occasionally we go on trips and outings which you are more than welcome to join in on.
  • There is a lake for swimming a short bike ride away from here which is quite pleasant in the summer.

important things that you should tell us about:

  • living in remote locations
  • living in a community
  • project management
  • technology / programming etc.
  • or other relevant subject
  • any of your needs that we can support you with

things you should be aware of:

  • We are a transitioning community that wants to be as eco friendly and sustainable as possible.
  • We maintain a blog to try and document our experience, please read a few posts to get familiar with our activities and difficulties on site.
  • Germany has a compulsory health insurance requirement, for people with 0 income this will be around 180Eur a month please make sure that you have enough funds in order to cover this before you apply for this position.

who is Aimee?

Aimee is a co founder and project manager of Eco Hacker Farm, project manager of Kuckucksmuehle, co-founder of RioLaden eV (a community managed organic and regional food shop), she runs workshops centered around permaculture topics. She is also a compost toilet designer, permacutlure designer and permaculture design certificate holder. She can be found at tech conferences and alternative festivals delivering workshops and presentations or at Kuckucksmuehle gardening, organising or relaxing in a hammock. She also runs a yearly coding camp for young people. She is passionate and dedicated to spread permaculture and sustainable living ideals into the world.

Apply today!

Send an email to aimee@ecohackerfarm.org to apply for this opportunity.

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