Kuckucksmühle: Membership Definition

  • Someone who agrees to our ideals
  • Someone who wants to be a member
  • Signs up to the members mailing list (kumembers@ecohackerfarm.org)
  • Someone who brings value to the project

General definition of “value” - Improving the place somehow - work / financially / resources /…

Live here: better half of the week-year Members living here permanently can decide which members can be permanent living members

permanently involved, visiting more frequently (<1/month)

Adds value but no reliability

Agree to the ideals

Contribution and Responsibilities related to the member level

  • Contribution definition: Participate in meetings, bring value to the project.
  • Contribute in the amount possible and helping.
  • Identify and reject individuals that abuse / misuse the benefits over an extended amount of time.
  1. Do something that brings value
  2. ask people on the mailing list of members if that is value
  • If there are no vetoes s/he can become a member
  • If there is at least one veto, members have to have a discussion about it (without applicant) and come to a decision.
  • If there is no decision we should have at least 2 maximum of 3 discussions - independently at different times
    • 1st meeting between members
    • 2nd and 3rd meeting maybe including the applicant depending on subject matter
email address access use
kum_together@ecohackerfarm.org public by subscription used for public events, workshops… call for volunteers etc for people interested in what is going on here
kumembers@ecohackerfarm.org not public - restricted to approved members used for membership only business, making decisions on membership etc.
kuckucksmuehleev@ecohackerfarm.org not public - restricted to e.V.-members this is for the association: making financial decisions, tax returns, application for funding, purchase / renting property etc.

Permies can make impromptu decisions on site that are related onsite issues that have to be done for example: repairing the car, replacing vital equipment etc.

Examples: Sheep or goats decisions: to get input from regulars when making time consuming and high resource decisions in order to make use of their skills and expertise but also to act as a control factor when it comes to time and resource allocation to the project. This should be a balance between personal interest vs communal goals / benefits

TODO: draw a decision making process to be approved at the next membership definition meeting. Important to remember that the association has the final say when it comes for financial input / output

  • Birdies don’t get voting rights
  • Regulars and Permies all get 1 vote each
  • Permies can veto onsite decisions
  • Possible for unspecified time limit
  • Only permies can delegate votes
  • Delegates should justify their decisions to the delegees

TODO: Process map for delegation of votes

  • Benefits of membership
  • Transparency for finances
  • Formal joining and leaving process of membership

These processes and definitions are not set in stone, if you see something you wish to change something initiate a discussion by contacting us on kuckucksmuehle@ecohackerfarm.org.

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