The usual hackerspace is located in urban areas and is easy to visit. Opposing to this we are located in the countryside. Our internet sucks and we are hard to reach. At first this sounds bad because hackers want internet and they are lazy, but then we realize that we could do amazing things with just 28kbit modems and that 3mbit DSL is actually ok for most uses. It limits distractions, it grows a responsibility of when to download large chunks, we have 20mbit over satellite. With the part were our hackerspace is hard to reach comes that you got time, once you are here. You can be lazy and still find inspiration. There are so many undisturbed, dull hours that it is possible to tunnel and produce without the noisy pressure of management.

Everyone is welcome. As technology has a wide spectrum please come to the next IT-Meeting and start to be involved. When you like to visit us for a extended period get in contact so we can organize your stay and try to match knowledge. Join us in the irc://irc.freenode.net:6667/#echohackerfarm.


There are many different tools and parts in the hackerspace. They are organised into multiple cupboards:

    • In this cupboard you can find some general tools, batteries, LEDs, networking equipment as well as some chips and Arduino parts. For a more detailed list, please refer to the dedicated article.
    • In this cupboard you can find the permaculture book collection as well as some electronic parts in the right half. In the left half, small electronic parts like resistors and chips are stored on the top shelves, hand crafting materials on the bottom shelves. For a more detailed list, please refer to the dedicated article.



  • If you start a project try to finish it.
  • If you don't finish a project, either document it in a way that others can finish it or take it with you.
  • Put all the tools back at the end of the day even if you have not finished what you are doing.
  • Space is at a premium, please tidy up after yourself so that others can also use the space.
  • Keep personal belongings in the hackerspace to a minimum, see about point about space at a premium.
  • Everyone is responsible for the equipment and supplies they are using and have to repair and replace items when necessary.
  • Do not leave food in the hackerspace unattended, the cats will eat it.
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