Infrastructure shopping list

The following text contains prices from 2016-10-04 from several enduser shops and should be a orientation (with tax). Most of the listed things can be organized for less when planned in long term. It should be used as a inspiration on what needs to be available in order to make progress in building the hacker space.

Add Infrastructure to the building requires a lot of ethernet wire. Buy more after the plan on where to put the cables is available. CAT7 is for the future, CAT5e is maybe gigabit capable on short distances.

€ 149,95 CAT-7 Twin-Verlegekabel, 1000 MHz, 100m

For each room at least one network socket is required.

€ 3,95 2-fach RJ45 Anschlussdose, Cat.5e, Aufputz

To connect the sockets with a switch a passive hardware is required. Depending on the installation multiple small patchpanels are required (backbone and small spots) and when a central network room is planned those larger panels are suggested

€ 25,95 10" Cat.6 Patchpanel 12 Port, schwarz
€ 74,95 19“ Patchpanel 24 Port Cat.6A schwarz

To connect the Sockets with each other a switch is required. Decide where it is useful to invest in PoE hardware.

€ 84,90* Ubiquiti UniFi Switch 8 150W 

For the backbone a smaller switch is required. It is important that it is VLAN capable. Invest in fiber if possible.

€ 78,90* Hewlett-Packard 1810-8 v2, Switch 

The locations that are connected by the backbone should have a larger switch at hand. When IP-phones are required add PoE to the wishlist.

€ 197,90* Hewlett-Packard 1920-24G, Switch 

IP-Phones have a big influence in the infrastructure planning. They can be powered over the network cable. Prefer wired devices so the device can not get lost and make sure some of them are in central locations.

€ 91,90* snom D715 Professional Business Phone, VoIP-Telefon 

To provide a stable and professional wireless connection wireless devices that allow easy installation and provide enterprise support should be used.

€ 84,90* Ubiquiti UniFi UAP AC LITE, Access Point 

And for the wired connections, do not forget to buy patch-cables. Have multiple colors in various lengths available. 24port Patchpanel: 30x 0.25m 10×0.5m. Plan a 2m and 3m cable for each socket you install. € 1,50* 0,25m Cat.7 PiMF-Patchkabel, blau, RJ45

The File server can be build of multiple components. Quick and dirty setups connect the sata-adapter with the PI and hide it under the table. For a more reliable solution buy covers that support multiple disks. The PI can be adapted to one slot or live attached to the box. The RAID solutions allow for fast access but require better computers (gigabit ethernet).

€ 299,-* ICY BOX IB-3680SU3, Laufwerksgehäuse 
€ 199,90* Sharkoon 5-Bay RAID-Station, Laufwerksgehäuse 
€ 61,90* SilverStone SST-DS222, Laufwerksgehäuse 

The complete system can be bougth with a webinterface and 'drivers'. Those interfaces tend to be limited in the options once you want to make something real: € 164,90* Synology DS216j, NAS When all signs point to PI, get a bigger cover. this allows to add disks and provides some space for the cpu/board. The latest PI acompanied by a Power converter (Battery/USV) will create a stable and responsive fileserver with many features.

€ 60,90* Fractal Design Define Nano S, Desktop-Gehäuse 
€ 36,99* Raspberry Pi Foundation Raspberry Pi 3 model B, 
€ 29,99* Joy-IT Raspberry PI StromPi 2 Erweiterungspl., 

All of this solutions require disks. Select a good price and size ratio. Use a mix of producers and handle the differences or regulary buy new ones, even if they continue to work.

€ 89,90* Western Digital WD20EFRX 2 TB, Festplatte SATA 600, WD Red, 24/7, Bulk 

The spinning disks can be replaced with SSD's. When no media-center is provided those can store the data faster than the PI can receive. You get a 10th of the size for the same prize but they do not use that much power.

€ 89,90* Kingston SSDNow mS200 SSD 240 GB, Solid State Drive 
€ 52,90* ADATA Premier Pro SP900 2,5" SSD 128 GB, Solid State Drive 
€ 66,90* Mushkin TRIACTOR 240 GB, Solid State Drive 
€ 304,-* Samsung MZ-75E1T0B 1 TB, Solid State Drive

When you have HDMI monitors you can create silent workstations with one of the listed SSD's and those components. The SSD size and the RAM where you can safe money. The workstations should be wiped regulary and the data has to be on the fileserver.

€ 159,90* ZOTAC ZBOX CI323 nano, Barebone 
€ 58,90* Crucial SO-DIMM 16GB DDR3-1600 Mac Kit

When your WIFI is up, it is always nice to have a device around that utilizes it. You will need them in the garden as support, have them stream music and access the ticket system and wiki.

€ 279,-* BQ Aquaris M10 FullHD (Ubuntu Edition), Tablet-PC

Together with a bluetooth speaker it allows to combine work and fun and have some music around that is not radio. The quality varies from high to ok. An investment in multiple devices allows to have them recharged centrally where they are stored.

€ 137,90* Bose SoundLink Colour Bluetooth Speaker, Lautsprecher
€ 69,90* Hercules Outdoor BTP04 - Bluetooth Portable Speaker

The last devices are portable. They have a battery included that needs to be recharged. To avoid stacks of converters and a fire hazard store them in a central location and add a system that converts renewable energies like sun, wind, water to a bigger battery that is then used as a power bank.

€ 314,60* Solaranlage Autark M-Master 200W Solar - 1000W AC Leistung 12V 230V - Inselanlage - Solarset
€ 438,99* ECO-WORTHY 100w Solarmodul 12v Solarpanel W/ 400W Windkraftanlage 12V Windgenerator Windkraftgenerator - 500W 12V Windkraft und Solarstromanlage Kits

Those are usually combined devices with Solar Panel, Charging Manager and a Battery. But even with 220V already generated on the roof it is a good idea to convert the power only with one adapter. USB hubs are a good choice to power and recharge multiple devices at once. The idea is to get as much 'high power' USB ports from one device.

€ 64,90* ICY BOX IB-AC6110, USB-Hub
€ 99,90* ICY BOX IB-AC677, USB-Hub

And build a fire-safe place around. Remember the samsung phones mid-2016. This applies to anything rechargable. You usually have no information about the output voltage of the adapters, but if you find devices that are 12V powered, there are many solutions that allow to add a car-battery.

€ 54,90* Bluewalker PowerWalker DC UPS 12V, USV

Now hardware for about 2-5K€ is at your doorstep. Invite IT professionals. Give them time, comfort and inspiration. To set this up is real work that has to be planned and managed with the ticketsystem and the product owner. When you make it too professional, it feels like work and requires payment. During the installation expect that nothing is working so do not plan any events that rely on this in the time. But users are required to find requirements and identify bugs so balance wisely.


* This are links to shops. They may not be available in a week. At some point we remove or update this section. The list unordered and not for all the listed items.

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