Kuckucksmühle eV

In order to fullfil our ideal to provide a sustainable living space we needed to find a legal form in order to enable us to:

  • enter into work contracts
  • employ / pay members
  • rent & purchase property
  • apply for EU funding
  • give & receive donations
  • apply for insurance - any kind including public liability insurance to cover events and damages insurance for drums for eg.
  • organise fund raising events
  • organise and run workshops and educational activities
  • hold a funding reserve (savings)
  • hold a bank account with 2 or more signatories

Further to a consultation meeting with a tax accountant we were advised to proceed and setup up an association.

We are currently writing our memorandum of association. This will enable us to form an association. More information will be added here including:

If you would like to be involved or have an interest to know more please contact us on kuckuckmuehle@ecohackerfarm.org

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