Kuckucksmühle eV - Joining / Leaving process

  • Prospective members can submit a request to join the Kuckucksmühle eV by completing this form.
  • Membership joining requests require approval by existing members. This process can be done in person at the next eV meeting or by email on kuckucksmuehleev@ecohackerfarm.org - mailing list
  • A formal acceptance / refusal notification will be sent to the prospective member within 2 weeks of application.
  • Upon acceptance the applicant will be added to the kuckucksmuehleev@ecohackerfarm.org - mailing list and provided access to the admin documents.

Membership fee

The annual membership fee of €XX is due upon confirmation of acceptance and payable in cash to:

  • The Treasurer of Kuckucksmühle eV,
  • Ausbau 7,
  • 16909 Heiligengrabe

Members can leave the Kuckucksmühle eV by completing this form.

Confirmation of acceptance will be sent by email not later than 2 weeks from submission.

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