Kuckucksmühle - Memorandum & Articles of Association

Here is the initial yet to be approved draft:

1. The club, founded on , has the following name: Kuckucksmuehle

2. The club shall be registered in the association register. As from the date of entry, the association shall enter the words “e. V.”

3. The location of the association is Heiligengrabe, Brandenburg

4. The financial year of the association is the calendar year.

1. The Association shall exclusively and directly pursue non-profit purposes within the meaning of the section entitled “Tax Beneficiaries” purposes “of the Tax Regulations (AO).

2. The association pursues the following purpose within the meaning of section 52 paragraph AO:

  • preservation of national heritage and monuments
  • nature and landscape conservation and regeneration including usage and development of appropriate technology,
  • international ethos, tolerance in all areas of culture and the concept of international understanding, irrespective of age, gender and nationality

3. The purpose of the Memorandum & Articles of Association shall be achieved, in particular, by the following activities:

  • carrying out [scientific] studies related to appropriate technologies in relation to sustainable living, information technology and applied permaculture principles
  • organising cultural and educational events for intergenerational, international and cross communities exchange
  • organising and arranging the restoration and preservation of protected buildings
  • organising and arranging the restoration and preservation of the environment including preserving and increasing the diversity of animal and plant species in the area by applying permaculture principles
  • collaborating with other groups and institutions, which have similar purposes,
  • promoting and developing open source and open data solutions
  • creating and offering information and services in data networks,
  • supporting educational projects with regard to technical innovation, art and culture,
  • Public relations, exchange of work and experience,
  • organising public events such as fairs, lecture series and workshops,

4. The association operates selflessly and does not pursue primarily economic purposes.

5. Means of the association may only be used for purposes of the statutes. Members do not receive any funds from the association.

6. Furthermore, no person shall be favored by expenses which are foreign to the purpose of the association or by disproportionately high remuneration.

The association does not pursue any economic purposes.

All property of the Association shall be used only for the purpose specified in this Statute. Contributions or profit shares of the association to members of the association are excluded.

Beneficiaries to persons in the form of expenses or disproportionately high remunerations which are foreign to the purpose of the association are excluded.

1. The following groups may be members of the association:

* natural people * legal persons

2. Membership must be submitted in writing and the Executive Board decides on their admission. In the case of minors, the legal representatives must submit the application form.

3. The withdrawal from the association is permissible for members with a deadline. The deadline is: 2 weeks

4. Members whose behavior violates the interests of the association in a gross way can be excluded from the association. The Annual General Meeting decides on the exclusion of the members concerned.

5. Membership ends with the death or extinction of the member.

6.The deceased or expelled member has no claim against the association's assets.

The organs of the association are:

  1. the Annual General Meeting
  2. the Executive Board

1. The Annual General Meeting takes place once a year. In addition, a general meeting must be convened if the interest of the association requires it or if at least 1/10 of the members require the convening in writing stating the purpose and reasons.

2. Meetings shall be convened by the Executive Board in writing or in text form by e-mail stating the agenda. The invitation to the General Meeting is as follows: 2

3. The meeting chairman is the first chairman. If the first chairman should be prevented, the second chairman is a meeting chairman. If neither the first chairman nor the second chairman is absent, a meeting chairman shall be elected by the general meeting.

4. If the secretary is absent, the secretary shall be elected by the General Assembly.

5. Each Annual General Meeting, which has been duly convened, shall be quorate without regard to the number of members actually appearing.

6. The resolutions of the Annual General Meeting shall be passed by a simple majority of the valid votes cast. Any amendment to the Articles of Incorporation or the Association's purpose requires a majority of 1/4 of the votes cast.

7. A record shall also be made of the resolutions passed by the General Meeting. The minutes must be signed by the meeting leader and the secretary.

8. Applications may be submitted by:

(A) every adult member (B) by the Board

9. Applications must be submitted to the board of the Association 2 weeks before the Annual General Meeting. If the application is received later, the latter may only be asserted by a 2/3 majority. The same also applies to amendments to the Memorandum & Articles of Association.

1. Each member of the age group is entitled to vote

2. The legal representatives of the young members have a right to vote up to the age of 18.

1. The Management Board shall consist of:

- the chairperson - the Deputy Chairperson - the treasurer

2. The Management Board conducts business in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation and the resolutions of the General Meeting. They take their decisions by a simple majority. In the case of a tie, the chairperson's vote or, in the absence of his deputy, decides. The Management Board is entitled to appoint committees for specific purposes. It may issue binding orders.

3. Judicially and out-of-court, the Association is represented jointly by one of the aforementioned members of the Management Board.

4. The members of the Management Board are elected for a period of two years. They remain in office until a new executive committee is elected.

1. The General Meeting shall elect 1 cash auditor for a period of two years, which may not be members of the Management Board or a committee.

2. The cash auditors have to examine the cash register / accounts of the association, including the books and receipts, at least once in the financial year in a material and computational manner, and to report to the Management Board in writing in each case.

3. The auditors shall submit a test report to the Annual General Meeting and request the discharge of the Managing Board if the cash transactions are properly conducted.

1. The association may be dissolved by a 4/5 majority of the valid votes cast.

2. Liquidators shall be the first Chairperson and the Deputy Chairperson (or Treasurer). The General Meeting is entitled to appoint two other members of the Association as liquidators.

3. Should the Association be dissolved or, in the event of the abolition of tax-privileged purposes, the assets of the Association shall, insofar as it exceeds existing liabilities, fall to the following legal person: * INSPECT THE SIGNING ASSOCIATION

Shall use the property directly and exclusively for charitable, charitable or ecclesiastical purposes.

§ 13 Entry into Force

The Articles of Incorporation have been resolved in the present form on by the General Meeting of the Association of Kuckucksmuehle and will enter into force after being registered in the Association Register.

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