Start your own Eco Hacker Farm Project

We are happy to expand our projects across the world. Eco Hacker Farm projects come in two types:

  • no physical location
  • opensource software project
  • opensource documentation
  • has a physical location
  • opensource documentation
  • aspire to / follow Eco Hacker Farm Ideals
  • maintain financial accounts
  • publish a summary of accounts
  • participate in the monthly team meetings
  • pay the Eco Hacker Farm - Membership fee (at least for 1 representative)
  • know/learn how to use our infrastructure
  • maintain and update public documentation related to their projects and Eco Hacker Farm
  • use shared infrastructure
  • contribute to improve shared processes and procedures


TODO: put together a template / checklist of sorts with questions so it is easy to fill in and send to ehf email, maybe a googleform might be good for this

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