Kuckucksmühle: Structure

work in progress… incomplete article

As you can see on the membership definition page we have 3 types of members:

Type of member Description Responsibilities Privileges Communication / mailing list info here Joining / leaving process
Birdies Visitors & other interested parties - interaction one-off or rare, attending some events agree to our ideals and code of conduct in communication with other members Attend events, visit onsite in line with the visiting conditions kum_together@ecohackerfarm.org None needed
Regulars permanently involved, visiting more frequently (<1/month) bring value to the project, contribute as much as possible & attend meetings as above (more to be agreed at the membership definition meeting) kumembers@ecohackerfarm.org process to be defined
Permies live on the property the best part of the week / month / year take care of keeping the place functioning, attending events on site and in the neighboring communities, actively bringing value to the project access to infrastructure, attending events, making use of tools & equipment for personal use, fresh produce from the garden,… kumpermies@ecohackerfarm.org contact & trial period, subject to consensus approval from current permies
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