Items for re-homing

Hofner Shorty CT Electric Guitar specifications

  • Basswood top
  • Basswood back
  • Maple neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • 24.7“ / 62.8cm scale length
  • 42mm nut width
  • 22 frets
  • Hofner Open Humbucker pickup
  • Red finish

Other items included:

  • Hofner gigbag
  • Small amplifier with power cable (will add specs for this later) - Bought for EUR 15.00
  • 1x hard pick
  • Quick Change Key Capo


Review of the product: I loved it, it is light enough for me to play for a long time, I like playing without distortion but that's an option as well if you like it. Many of the passing visitors enjoyed playing it too and just the right size for me as the normal sized ones were too big and heavy to handle.

Am only selling because I need to raise money at the moment and trying to keep the moving stuff to a minimum and will consider keeping it if I don't get an offer for the full asking price. There's no swap option for this item.

  • A big king size red blanket as good as new - free for a good cause or swap with seeds if possible
  • Planters(lots - more info soon)
  • Small greenhouse - suitable for urban permaculture (more info soon)
  • Wood pallets x2 - rehomed
  • 1x 3-man tent - rehomed
  • Colored pens / pencils
  • Paper scissors
  • Wood / paper glue

wooden frame with cardboard board - without the messages :-D Free to a good home

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