Seed saving - Cucumbers

Saving seeds is an important skill to have, it brings with it many benefits:

  • it enables people to grow their own food (people care / fair share)
  • severs reliance on big seed corporations (earth care / fair share)
  • plants will produce seeds adapted to your growing area (earth care, fair share)
  • increases diversity of plants and seeds (earth care, people care, fair share)
  • produces abundance, more seeds and produce to share with others (people care, fair share)
  • skills can be shared with others (people care, fair share)

Seed saving covers all of the 3 permaculture ethics - earth care, people care, fair share/future care - as you can see above.

It also falls within four of the seven domains of permaculture action outlined by David Holmgren - land and nature stewardship, education and culture, health, finances and economics.

It is also closely linked with David Holmgren's permaculture principles:

1. Observe and interact 2. Catch and store energy 3. Obtain a yield 4. Apply self regulation and accept feedback 5. Use and value renewable resources and services 6. Produce no waste 7. Design from patterns to details 8. Integrate rather than segregate 9. Use small and slow solutions 10. Use and value diversity 11. Use edges and value the marginal 12. Creatively use and respond to change

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