Community Events for Strengthening Local Economy Event Organisation Checklist

This checklist is useful for event organisers organising community events to strengthen the local economy following the permaculture ethics: earth care, people care and fair shares.

The questions are designed to help you reflect about each element of your event from a whole systems perspective.

  1. How will the community at large benefit from this event?
  2. How will the community event strengthen the local economy?
  3. How will the community event care for the earth, people and include fair shares?
  4. What local community weaving can help this event by more successful?
  5. How will you leave the event venue better than you found it?
  6. How will this event be accessible and inclusive?
  • what day would be best for your community to meet?
  • what times would enable the most people to come?
  • avoid conflicting events whenever possible
  • if there are other events on the day could collaboration work?
  • when will different things be happening and are they audience appropriate? eg. children's workshops avoid meal times and starting too late
  • Are there central community venues which could be used for this event?
  • If there aren't any obvious venues try consulting with other locals who are involved in organising community events for ideas.
  • Consider that some community venue may not allow the sale of items on their property.
  • Is the venue wheelchair accessible?
  • Are there facilities for people to use while at the event such as toilets?
  • Is there a fee for using the venue?
  • Are there sufficient parking facilities?
  • Does the venue have any policies that people should be aware of?
  • Are there behaviors you would like to see for the event? Eg. Sorting of trash, no smoking, help setting up, tearing down, collecting donations for the venue?
  • Are there special areas set up for children?
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