Crowdfunding platforms research

  • To create opportunities for people to support the projects
  • Find out which platforms suits the purpose best and is most economical for different uses ie. funding big projects and funding ongoing expenses
  • No platform fees
  • Payment processing fees 3% + 30c per donation
  • Geared towards charities and individual projects for example funding a car for a disable person, funding provision of water to deprived areas - works the same as indiegogo so can put it providing something in return but you don’t have to (most projects on here don’t)
  • Has a community category which we would fit in, there’s also a category called volunteering and it’s used by people to fundraise money for travelling and expenses to volunteer
  • big specific projects
  • funding to the project for a year for example
  • Platform fees 5% of successfully-processed payments.
  • Processing fees - not including any currency conversion fees
  • International creators receiving payment via PayPal - 2% of the amount transferred capped at $20 per deposit
  • International creators receiving global bank deposit via Payoneer - $3 transfer fee per deposit

Doesn’t have a community section and seems to be geared mostly towards artists

  • No platform fees
  • Payment processing fees
  • Causes and Stripe have negotiated a 4.0% charge for each donation made through Causes.

Not sure about this one - looks too vague and doesn’t have a community section - more into specific causes (protests/petitions etc.) not much focus on crowdfunding

Transfer fees depend on the provider - can be SEPA bank transfer (usually 1eur or a little more), paypal 2%

  • Can request a partial payout so you don’t have to reach a target in order to pay out - as long as the amount is over Eur20
  • Major problem - only available for Organisations and Projects which are tax-deductible and for Volunteering
  • “If your organisation is recognised under German or Austrian tax law as tax-privileged, the following payout conditions apply:
  • minimum payout amount: € 20
  • maximum payout amount per quarter annum per organisation: no limit
  • time for payout request: 14 days after receiving a donation (safety period)”

Has a set up to collect donations, volunteering time and money

Platform fees - Social 3% (plus. 19% VAT) of the total funding per campaign

  • From the Goteo Foundation, we charge a commission of 4% of the total funds collected over the two rounds of 40 days for services rendered (publication and use of management tools on the platform, project promotion, consultancy on all aspects of project presentation and communication). Here you can find further information about the reasons of our 4% commission
  • Commissions for financial transactions. The bank charges between 0.8% and 1.4% for payment processing on each payment. In the case of payments made through PayPal, the commission is approximately 3% for each payment.
  • These commissions are only applied if your project gets financed and the payments are made. If not, using Goteo has no charge for the promotor.

What kind of projects can take part?

  • focused on projects with an “open DNA”: free culture, social action, free hardware and software, alternative economy, architecture, gastronomy, research, permaculture, learning etc. which contribute to the enrichment of the commons through collective returns thanks to free and/or open licenses (Creative Commons or GPL for example).
  • These are projects, therefore, that share information, knowledge, processes, results, responsibilities, benefits, digital content and other resources related to the proposals for which they are seeking help and crowdfunding.
  • Large projects crowdfunding, has a 2 stage campaigns 40 days + 40 days.
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